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Eastgate is an influential girl band from Sydney, Australia formed in 1999 by already singer/actress Ripley "RS" Stark and close friend Lychee Marie Callings. In 2000, they were joined by Katharine Kay to record the debut album. Eastgate has released four albums since their creation, and are in the process of recording a fifth. The band's name, "Eastgate" is taken from a neighborhood of the same name where Stark and Callings spent their childhood.


Eastgate's self-titled debut was a breakout hit, spawning four well-received singles, as well as the album itself being a top 20 chart success in many countries. The success of the album would make the three girls some of the most known singers to hail from Australia.

Eastgate II and SensualEdit

After the commercial sucess of the debut, Eastgate returned in 2002 with their second album Eastgate II, the album which quickly propelled the girls into the world's stage. Four more singles came from Eastgate II, including No, which is still Eastgate's top selling single to this day. 2003 saw the release of Sensual, the band's third album, which was also a success, though not to the extent of the other albums. Sensual launched four singles, two in 2003 and two more in 2004.

Katharine out, enter Kristianna VillarealEdit

In 2005, Katharine Kay left the band for personal reasons, citing differences with the members of Eastgate. Upon her departure, Eastgate was out of the spotlight until 2006, when Filipino singer Kristiana Villareal joined the band, becoming the new third member of Eastgate.

Cut To The ChaseEdit

In 2006, Eastgate returned with a new album, entitled Cut To The Chase. It was the least successful Eastgate album to date, and neither of it's two singles managed a good chart position. Despite this, the album scored favorable reviews among fans of the genre.


Eastgate reemerged in 2008, with the announcment that Katharine Kay had rejoined the group, and that they were in the process of working with top producers on a fifth album, entitled Victory. Halfway through the recording process, Kristianna Villareal had to make an impromptu exit from the band, heading back to the Philippines to be with her mother, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The album is delayed, but is expected out in November of 2008, with high expectations.


Ripley Stark (1999-Present)
Lychee Callings (1999-Present)
Katharine Kay (2000-2004, 2008-Present)

Former MembersEdit

Kristianna Villareal (2005-2008)

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