Elemental Fury is band from Liverpool,Merseyside,United Kingdom. Note:All the following chart positions are from the UK because that is their base.

They first formed in 1996 with Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist, Max Sabitov, and Lead Guitarist, Kelco Chen were in High School in the Freshman year. They got drummer, Andy Hung and Bassist,Keyboardist and Backing Vocalist, Jonathan Norcross to join and later that summer they released their first single entitled "Smile Like You Mean It". As expected, it didn't chart in the top 200. They ,later that year, released their debut album, Debussy, and the second single off the album entitled,"A Million Ways". Neither charted in the top 200. It is considered their most grunge album.

The second album, Hey!, gave the band their first mainstream success. The first single, which has a long name but for short, "Suck My Balls You Guys", didn't chart either in the top 200. However, it was when the second single,"Not Without My Japanese Prostitute" did they almost make it to the top 200. "Hey!", the third single had finally charted in the top 200 at #197. The next single, "Nerd Alert", made it to #156. The final single,"Untitled" didn't chart in the top 200. Hey!,the album, is considered their most funniest album. The third album, We Don't Need To Keep It a Secret Anymore, had proven to be worse than Hey! did. The album spanned 3 singles,"Fifteen-eighteen","Running From The Sun" and "All These Things That I've Done (The Killers Cover" didn't chart in the top 200. 
Then came a live album. Live At The PUNK EMPIRE was the first live album by the band.The album had charted in the top 200, being the band's first top 200 album, charting at #199. One single, "Not Without My Japanese Prostitute (live)" didn't make it to the top 200. Finally, the first official succes came out. Impulsion:Termination was the first studio album to make it to the top 200 at #121 and spawned four singles. "Ivory" didn't make it to the top 200 but "New Life (Terminating or Accelerating)" made it to #156. "All The Pretty Faces" made it to #103. "Shadow of The Day" made it to #147. Projekt Reanimation was the fifth studio album that charted to #98, giving the band their first top 100 album. Five singles, [[Go!"],"Stockholm Syndrome","Rush","Combat feat. John Lexon" and "The Things We Dare To Say Out Loud" all charted in the top 120. Go!:#102,Stockholm Syndrome:#110,Combat:#104,Rush:#115,The Things We Dare To Say Out Loud:93.
Give Me Liberty or Give Me A REMIX was the first remix album by the band and charted at #73. 3 remix singles came out. Then, a trilogy came out. Act I:Ice was the first album from the trilogy that spawned four singles such as "It's Only Natural". The lastest album, Act II:Wind, was recently released and one single so far was released entitled "Something Beautiful". "Paranoia", the second single is out also but the charts are unknown due to technical difficulties with the chart site.

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