Emma Daniels is an aspiring singer and songwriter currently working in a solo career.

Emma Daniels


Birth Name
Emma Susan Daniels
Birth Date
14 January 1990
Birth Place
San Francisco, California
Associated Acts
Alternative Rock
Pop Rock
Musician, Songwriter
Years Active
Notable Instrument(s)

Early LifeEdit

Emma Daniels was born January 14, 1990 to singer Mark Daniels and actress Jane Sullivan. Born in San Francisco, Emma's mother relocated to New York City, where Emma's father lived at the time, shortly after her birth. At the age of 8 Emma's parents, who never legally married, split up. Emma Daniels and her mother moved back to San Francisco.

Teen YearsEdit

Musical HistoryEdit

Musical InfluencesEdit

Daniels lists John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Rooney, and Bob Marley among her influences.

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