Emotion Sickness

Emotion Sickness
is an Australian Grunge/Alternative Rock band from Newcastle, New South Wales, formed in January 1992. The band consists of Lead Guitarist and Lead Vocalist Daniel Woodcock, Bassist Chris Wilson, and Drummer Ben Lawson.



In 1992, singer/guitarist Daniel Woodcock and his school friend Ben Lawson started playing music together whilst they were attending the Junction Public School. When they moved to High School Chris Wilson joined the pair on bass. They formed a band called "Pure Massacre" with second guitarist Toby Finn who soon left. They played lots of shows around the Hunter Valley region in their early teens as well as coming 3rd in YouthRock 1994, a competition for school based bands. At a late 1994 show, the band asked the crowd if they should keep the name "Pure Massacre", or change it to "Emotion Sickness". The crowd chose Emotion Sickness.

Music StyleEdit

Emotion Sickness are generally classified as a Grunge/Alternative Rock band, although their loyalty to specific genres have changed alot. The band states their music is mostly inspired by bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath. Lawson agreed, also noting that they were heavily influenced by the "Seattle Sound", as well as The Beatles and The Doors, and are easily impressible.

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