Eric Poison
Birth Name
Eric Isaac Mueller
Birth Date
April 10th, 1962
Age (As of Nov. 1984)
22 Years Old
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Years Active
Record Labels (with Chikara)
Assosciated Acts

Eric Poison is the current Rhythm Guitarist/Lead Vocalist of rock band Chikara he's been with the band since it's inception and is one of the co-founders of the band, he's also one of the primary songwriters of the band and has wrote many of their hit songs.

Early Life/Pre-ChikaraEdit

Eric Isaac Mueller was born to a single mother on April 10th, 1962. His father abandoned them before he was even born so Eric has never even met his father. Eric was raised in Los Angeles, CA and has lived there for his whole life. He picked up the guitar at the age of fourteen and practices everyday on it, he's influenced by old-school rock and roll and classical music as well.


Eric met future Chikara bass player Paul Carr in 1981 at a party in LA, the two got along well and both decided to start a band together. Eric was quoted as saying it was a "meeting of the minds." Paul brought in lead guitarist and neighbor Brent Vincent and the original trio of Chikara was set, with drummer Mick Fury soon joining and the original lineup then set. The band played local clubs until supporting Rest In Peace on their Smash Your Head tour. Chikara then released their first album Creatures Of The Night, they soon went out on the road on a tour for the album and then followed it up with another album called Lick It Up. Out of both albums, Eric says that his favorite would have to be LIU. After dropping Vincent, Eric + Paul both set out on a journey to find a new lead guitarist during the process of recording a new album. With the album coming out soon, Eric and gang will be back out on the road again.

Solo CareerEdit

When asked if he'd ever pursue a solo career, Eric responded. "Y'know, people always ask me this question and my response as always will be 'No, Chikara is way too big of a band for me to just leave and start a solo career.'" Though he hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of a solo album, the general response as of now is negative.

Discography (With Chikara)Edit

Singles (With Chikara)Edit

1982 - Rock And Roll Hell
1982 - I Still Love You
1983 - Lick It Up
1983 - All Hell's Breaking Loose

Albums (With Chikara)Edit

1982 - Creatures Of The Night
1983 - Lick It Up

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