Background information
Born April 8th, 1986
Origin Japan
Genre(s) J Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Model
Years active 2008-
Label(s) Rated X Records

Erika is a model/singer from Japan. Erika was signed to Rated X Records in 2008 by Katie Price. Erika is the cousin of model/singer Natalya Banhart.

Music CareerEdit

Erika was born in Tokyo , Japan in 1986. At a young age she was pushed into the spotlight , appearing in many japanese dramas. She has also appeared in many A List movies in Japan. In 2008 Katie Price signed Erika to a 1 album deal with Rated X Records. Erika is also the first J Pop artist signed to Rated X Records. Erika can speak: Japanese , English , & French. It is also rumored that she will step in for any Doll Parts members if they can't perform until her debut album is released.

Erika will begin recording her debut album at the start of 2009.



Erika (Debut Album) - TBA 2009



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