European Summer Tour 2007Edit

DATE: (19/08/2007 - 18/09/2007)

It was Tensodio first out of Spain tour. We played in the west & mid-Europe.

Date City Province Country Festival Venue
19/08/2007 London City London UK London Alternative Festival 2007 Earls Court
20/08/2007 London City London UK Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
23/08/2007 Dublin Leinster Ireland Eurocultured Festival 2007 Smithifield Plaza
28/08/2007 Amsterdam North Holland Netherlands Heineken Factory Festival Heineken Plaza
30/08/2007 Amsterdam North Holland Netherlands Osdorp Street Concert Osdrop
10/09/2007 Bucharest Romania Lăptăria Enache
18/09/2007 Florentia Saint-Julien France Franche-Comté Punk Rock 2007 Central Theatre

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