Everyday America
Everyday america
Studio album by Brad Sanderson & The Jersey Group
Released November 2010
Genre Rock
Label Junction Records
Producer Tony Visconti and Max Armstrong

Everyday America is the debut album by Brad Sanderson & The Jersey Group, The album will be released sometime in November 2010. The first single from the album will be released on February 18th 2010. Junction Records will be promoting the album massively upon it's release with Max Armstrong saying "We're gonna be putting out at least 4 single's from the album and we've already arranged for TV performance's and interviews and the singles will be given radio and TV rotation"

Writing & RecordingEdit

Some of the songs from the album we're written in 2008 with Brad Sanderson saying in an interview "About five or six songs from the album are songs which have been written since 2008, Over the years I've written a lot of songs so there's a lot of material to choose from when it came to selecting which songs would feature on the album". The lead single from the album Jersey Streets was recorded on January 2nd 2010 along with the B-Sides but the other songs for the album will not be recorded until September at the earliest.

Release & ReceptionEdit

Promotion for the album started in early January with Brad doing a magazine interview which featured questions about the debut album.

Track ListingEdit

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "View From The Hudson"  Brad Sanderson  
2. "Jersey Streets"  Brad Sanderson 5:43
3. "Working Class Man"  Brad Sanderson  
4. "This Land Was Made For You And Me"  Brad Sanderson  
5. "4th Of July (Memories)"  Brad Sanderson  
6. "American Rebel"  Brad Sanderson  
7. "Dream Girl"  Brad Sanderson  
8. "These Are Our Days"  Brad Sanderson  
9. "Love Shine Through"  Brad Sanderson  
10. "Drop The Needle And Pray"  Brad Sanderson  




Chart PositionsEdit

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