Everything In Moderation Vol 1
Everything In Moderarion Vol 1
Studio album by Avenue's & Alleyways
Released Late 2009/Early 2010
Recorded 49:19
Genre Pop/Rock
Label Junction Records
Producer Tony Visconti and Max Armstrong

Everything In Moderation Vol 1 is the debut album by American Pop/Rock group Avenue's & Alleyways. The album is expected to be released in late 2009 or early 2010, the album will be produced by Tony Visconti and Max Armstrong. It is reported that the writing proccess will be finished on November 12th 2009 and the recording of the album will be finished on November 26th 2009, which could mean that the album will be released in December 2009 or January 2010.

Album ThemeEdit

As of October 28th 2009 the direction of the album is unknown although Zach Adams ruled out the possibility of it being a concept album and said that although they would like to release a conncept album at some point in the future their first two albums would definitely not be concept albums.

Promotion and ReleaseEdit

The promotion of the album is expected to be pretty big including Magazine, Radio and Tv interviews and performances there is likely to be many magazine articles about this album.

Track ListingEdit

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Everything In Moderation"  Max Armstrong, Zach Adams 6:43
2. "We Can Make It Tonight"  Andrew Gooding, Zach Adams 3:56
3. "I Lie Awake (Thinking Of You)" (Feat. Bikki)"  Bikki, Zach Adams 4:36
4. "Empty Streets" (With Brian Hanson)"  Zach Adams 7:35
5. "Girl From The City (Feat. Sight Fails)"  Jenny Dalton, Zach Adams 5:04
6. "Dusk And Summer"  Zach Adams 3:45
7. "Epic Love Story"  Lauren Grogan, Zach Adams 3:14
8. "She Works At The Diner On 5th"  Lauren Grogan, Zach Adams 7:56
9. "Again I Go Unnoticed"  Zach Adams 2:56
10. "Silence Is Scary" (Feat. The Reject Message)"  Andrew Gooding, Zach Adams 5:34



Additional MusiciansEdit

  • Andrew Gooding - Vocals and Co-Songwriter on Silence Is Scary
  • Bikki - Vocals and Co-Songwriter on I Lie Awake (Thinking Of You)
  • Brian Hanson - Guitar Solo On Empty Streets
  • Jenny Dalton - Vocals and Co-Songwriter on Girl From The City
  • Lucy Tyrell - Backing Vocals On Dusk And Summer
  • Lauren Grogan - Backing Vocals On Everything In Moderation and Co-Songwriter on Epic Love Story and She Works At The Diner On 5th


  • Tony Visconti - producer
  • David Minor - Mixing
  • Jeff Dalton - Mixing
  • Damon Stile - Artwork
  • Max Armstrong - Funding

Chart HistoryEdit

Chart (2010)[1] Peak
Canadian Albums Chart
Europe Albums Chart
UK Albums Chart
USA Albums Chart
Aus & NZ Albums Chart
South American Albums Chart
Asian Albums Chart
U.S. Billboard 200[2]

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