Exit are a four piece alternative rock band from Wigan, England. All four went to the same high schools and have grown up together. Sucess hasn't been hard to come by with seven of their releases being number ones in the charts.



Band Member
Wigan, England
Alternative Rock
Signed To


Up to now Exit have made 23 releases and at a time where Alternative Rock has leapfrogged other genres in terms of popularity they have had great sucesses including seven of their 23 being number ones and Mike Widdows being involved in one of televisions most succesful projects, I'm A Rockstar Get Me Out Of Here. At the IMA's band member Mike Widdows' album 'This Albums Shit Don't Buy It' won best artwork.


Exit have had their fair share of controversy like turning up to the IMA's drunk and especially the language in their tracks has stopped a lot of radio play.

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