Band Name
Band Members
Nick Willett-Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Kelly Penault-Lead Guitar, Vocals
Cole Broughton-Drums
Brandon Robertson-Bass, Vocals
Mark Yachminov-Trombone
Greg Stamile-Trumpet
Taylor Davis-Tenor Saxophone
Stevie Grann-Alto Saxophone
Past Members
Gage Kadot-Lead Guitar,backing vocals
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada
Punk Rock
Sweet Dreams (2008)
Jellyfish Records (2008)
Talent Radar (present)
Nothing For Me Here


Quick Description of FairwayEdit

Fairway is an ska-punk band From Lacombe Alberta Canada. The band Consist of Nick Willett on Lead vocals and Rythem guitar. Kelly Penualt on Lead guitar and backing vocals. Brandon Robertson on Bass and Cole Broughton on drums. Additional members that joined after the release of "Nothing For Me Here" and after there switch to ska-punk music includes Mark Yachminov on trombone. Greg Stamile on trumpet and Taylor Davis and Stevie (little shit) Grann on tenor and alto saxophones.The Band have gone through a number of labels in there short career and are currently deciding to stay with talent radar or go to another label.

The Beginning of FairwayEdit

Fairway was a band formed by Nick Willett and Brandon Robertson during their high school years of 2005. The band was fully operational until drummer Cole Broughton joined early 2006. After half a year of touring Lacombe and areas around it, Guitarist Gage Kadot joined Fairway and played the role of Lead guitarist. But only in late 2007 was Fairway noticed in the music industry. After releasing three singles and one album from small independent recording companies, fairway was ready to sign with a major label. But at the end of 2007 Gage Kadot left the band to start his own band but quickly broke up. Gage was replace by a friend of the band Kelly Penualt.

Nothing For Me HereEdit

The bands first album released under sweet dreams records was a complete flop. It did establish a small fan base and did sell over 600 000 copy's for the band but there were alot of issues among the band that later resulted Gage Kadot to leave the band.

Nick thought up the idea to try out different forms of music to find out which kind of music would be best for them.

The Switch To SkaEdit

A month later after the release of "Nothing For Me Here" The Band Announced their official switch from being an Alternative/Hard Rock band to a Ska-Punk/Punk Rock band. But not everyone was happy, The band lost most of their fans and bassist Brandon Robertson almost quit the band after arguments of not switching between Nick and Brandon.

After roughly a month and a half of searching they added four new people to the line-up Mark Yachminov-Trombone Greg Stamile-Trumpet Taylor Davis-Tenor Saxophone Stevie Grann-Alto Saxophone


Fairway's first album as a ska band was a mild success and established a comfortable fan base around the world. Released under Talent radar the album sold 1,657,866 copy's which was a huge step for the band.

Kelly even stated that it felt like they were actually a band for once unlike from there previous hard rock roots.

The Band MembersEdit

Nick Willett: Nick was born in cold lake/AB/Canada but lived in Lacombe/AB/Canada most of his life. Before Nick even went into school he met Brandon Robertson and Gage Kadot. A few Years later he met Cole Broughton and the recipe for a band began. Nick started playing guitar at the age of fourteen along with his friend Brandon. He Joined the band in 2005 age 16

Brandon Robertson: Born and raised in Lacombe/AB/Can, Brandon lived on the same street as Nick and was friends with him. Brandon Started playing the bass at age fifteen and was the person responsible for creating Fairway.he joined the band 2005 age 16

Kelly Penualt: Kelly was born in Vancouver/BC/Can and moved to Lacombe/AB at age thirteen. She started playing guitar at the age of eleven. She met Nick and Brandon in her mid teens. she joined the band 2008 age 19

Cole Broughton: Cole was born in Red Deer/AB/Can but moved to Lacombe shortly after. Cole met Nick and Brandon around grade two but didn't like Brandon too much. Cole Started to play drums at age fifteen. Cole Joined the band 2006 age 16

Mark Yachminov: Born in Ukraine and moved to Canada at a very young age. Mark having troubles fitting in often was the big target at school. At age 16 he moved to Lacombe and met Cole Broughton. Although he wasn't allowed in the band for a while, he was still a great friend of Cole and the rest of the band. Finally in early-mid 2008 after the band changed genres from hard rock to Ska-Punk Mark was perfect to join in the band considering he played Trombone for a number of years. Mark joined the band 2008 age 20

Greg Stamile: Born and raised in Boston had a hard time getting by living on the streets with his clothes, shoes, and trumpet. He would play on the streets for money and hope the next day would be better. When fairway was touring in N.America they found Stamile and were astonished by his ability's. After the band changed genres they went to Boston in search for Greg to fill the position of trumpet. Greg joined the band in 2008 age 24

Taylor Davis: Playing in a small time blues band in Toronto, Ontario along with her friend Stevie Grann (who is also in Fairway as role of Alto Saxophone)was having troubles getting her name out then he heard about Fairway's change of genres and phoned them to see if she could fill the spot of Tenor Saxophone. Taylor

Stevie Grann: For a number of years he was playing in a blues band he formed in Toronto, Ontario but never found the success he was looking for. Then Taylor told him about Fairway and they got on to buisness to fill in the two missing roles of Tenor and Alto Sax for Fairway.



Year Title Type Chart positions (CAN)
March 9/08 Nothing For Me Here Studio 575
June 26/08 Surprise!! Studio 361
TBA TBA Studio

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