Fathers of Fury are an Alternative-Rock band from Manchester, UK. There are 4 members in Fathers of Fury; Jack Straw, Ollie King, Isaac Thompson and Freddie Johnson. Fathers of Fury have been on the radar since September 2010

Name Fathers of Fury
Genre Alt-Rock
Instruments Vocals; Lead Guitar; Bass Guitar; Rhythm Guitar; Drums
Years Active 2010-Active
Label Junction Records
Associated Acts Jenny Hudson


Jack StrawEdit

Jack is the Frontman of the band, he also plays the base guitar. Jack is 24 year old (born 13th of July 1986). Jack met Isaac at the start of his secondary school years and they instantly became friends. It wasn't until he was much older that he met Freddie through Isaac, and then even more recently, Ollie.

Ollie KingEdit

Ollie is the Lead Guitarist of the band, he sometimes does vocals but not very often. He is 22 years old (born 24th of February 1988). Ollie was the last person to join the band. He does have experience of being in bands, having missed out on the Battle of the Bands the year before he entered with Fathers of Fury through injury. He met the boys whilst in Salford going to his girlfriend's - at the time - house.

Isaac ThompsonEdit

Isaac is the Rhythm Guitarist of the band, he occasionaly does vocals as well. He is also 24 years old (born 19th of April 1986). Isaac met Jack when they were both 11 years old, in their first year of secondary school. Isaac didn't have a great childhood as he was abused by his step-father. He moved out as soon as he could, so he went to college, and there he met Freddie. Freddie was the year older than him and always looked out for him. Isaac met Ollie whilst jamming at Freddie's house.

Freddie JohnsonEdit

Freddie is the bands Drummer. He is the oldest in the band being 25 years old (born 29th of March 1985). Freddie was a bit of a rebel, with parents who could afford for him to do what he liked. So Freddie got kicked out of a couple of schools but still got good enough grades to go to college. In his second (and last year) at college he met Isaac. He took him under his wing and looked after him. After self-teaching himself to play the Drums, he was introduced to Jack by Isaac. Then he met Ollie at the same time as the other two.

Music CareerEdit

Ollie KingEdit

Ollie King was previously in a small local band, who were on the verge of signing a record deal a year before he joined Fathers of Fury. That band had its problems though, as the drummer would regularly get into arguments with everybody else in the band. This lead to the band disbanding several times. The band did get back together to do the Manchester Battle of the Bands, but Ollie broke his hand. The band then decided to discontinue as it looked as though it was never gonna happen for them

Fathers of FuryEdit

Fathers of Fury have been together since early 2010, when Ollie heard the rest of the boys jamming in Freddies garage. They entered the Manchester Battle of the Bands 2010, and came second. But the boys did not give up as they then went on to release a demo to the local radios. The boys were discovered by Jake Wilson, and then signed to Junction Records.

Additional InformationEdit

Fathers of Fury have worked with Stacey Walton on her Me and My Friends (Make Sweet Music), doing a track called Riding in Vans With Girls.

Personal LivesEdit


Warped! TourEdit

Fathers of Fury are on the Warped! Tour and will be performing on the Studio60 Stage. Fathers of Fury have been put into a tour bus with Hellspawn and Glamazon.



Fathers of Fury [2010]


Song Chart High Album
Subtle Distractions Did Not Chart Fathers of Fury
Second Hand Rock Songs 12th Fathers of Fury
Fairground Doubts 3rd Fathers of Fury

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