Ferrari Out The Window


Los Angeles, California
Alternative Rock
Years Active
Cameron Frye: Vocals/Guitar
Matthew McHarris: Guitar/Vocals
Terry Stephens: Bass
Gina Peterson: Drums
Tanner Franklin:Keyboard/Vocals
None Released
Most Recent Single
None Released
Associated Acts

Ferrari Out The Window was created by Cameron Frye and Tanner Franklin in January 2008. All the members of the band are locals of Los Angeles. The band's name is a homage to the film "Ferris Beuller's Day Off"; vocalist Cameron Frye shares his name with a supporting character in the film.

Band HistoryEdit

Long-time friends Cameron Frye and Tanner Franklin began Ferrari Out The Window at the start of 2008, following up on their New Year's resolution to start a band. Franklin invited his ex-girlfriend Gina Peterson to the band on drums. Peterson was hesitant at first, though the two remained friends after their break-up, but Franklin eventually convinced her. Matthew McHarris, a high school friend of Frye and Franklin, was called up shortly thereafter and asked to join the band. Upon hearing that Frye was forming a band, Frye's roommate Terry Stephens asked to audition for the band. Frye complied, and Stephens was admitted into the band.

Musical Style and InfluencesEdit

Ferrari Out The Window draws influence from bands such as The Beatles, Queen, Weezer, Rooney, Save Ferris, Aerosmith, and The Jealous Girlfriends.


  • Cameron Frye: Vocals/Guitar (2008)
  • Matt Mc Harris: Guitar/Vocals (2008)
  • Terry Stephens: Bass (2008)
  • Gina Peterson: Drums (2008)
  • Tanner Franklin: Keyboard/Vocals (2008)


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