Berkeley, CA, USA
London, UK
Progressive Thrash Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, Heavy Metal
Years Active
Miles Garrey(Vocals, Guitar)
Martin Garrey(Bass)
Jerome DeMiao(Lead Guitar)
Arty Black(Keyboards)
Greystone MacAndrews(Drums)

Firestone is a Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal band originally from Berkeley, Califonia, but which relocated to London England. The are known for long intrumental passages in their songs, shred guitar solo's, fast passed songs, and lyrics based upon politics, personal stories, phychology, and history. They are currently touring with Thrash Metal band Rathoria, and plan to begin work on their fourth album soon afterward


The band was formed by brothers Martin(Bass) and Miles Garrey(Vocals, Guitar), who recruited guitarist Jerome Demaio. Then, after relocating to London, got Arty Black(Keyboards) and Greystone MacAndrews(Drums). The band played the London Thrash scene for a while before realeasing the album Unfogiven Sinners, which was an underground success. several months later, they released the album Strange Events, which sold considerably better than the previous. They were soon picked up by Malevolent Creations Records, which they used to release their third installment, Mephistopheles, which broke into the British top 200. The band released their fourth album, Echoes Of The Past, just before Malevolent Creations was shut down. They broke up while writing the follow up to Echoes Of The Past.


Unforgiven Sinners
Strange Events
Echoes Of The Past


Helen Of Troy

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