Forever in Jeopardy

Forever in Jeopardy

Founding Location
London, UK
Founding Date
December 1, 2007
Akira Hatoyama (Vocals)
Harry Heard (Acoustic Guitar/Back-Up Vocals)
Daitaro Okimoto (Keyboard)
Philip Springs (Drums)
Haruka Fujita (Bass Guitar)
Raiden Ijichi (Synth Programmer)
Years Active
2007 - Present
Failure To Launch Records (2008 - Present)

Forever in Jeopardy are an experimental pop band from Japan and the UK. They have only recently burst into the scene but are having an impact, touring with supergroup A Static Theory and setting up a management group. The originated in the UK but soon moved to their home; Osaka. The band is currently planning another single.


Starting in London, the history of the band was widespread, giving them a good chance to be an international band in the future.


Akira Hatoyama and Daitaro Okimoto were both students from Japan studying in London. They were old friends and crazy Architecture in Helsinki and Broken Social Scene fans. At University, they had nothing in common with any other people, except two other students; Harry Heard and Philip Springs. They were both fans of Architecture in Helsinki, but they hadn't known each other until they met Akira and Daitaro. By the end of the year, they had become great friends and decided to start a band: Forever in Jeopardy. They played nights at the local University pub, playing Broken Social Scene and Architecture in Helsinki covers, as well as a few of their own numbers, such as the ever-popular No Escape, today their anthem and the A-Side of their first single. They soon became quite popular and toured the local area, slowly building up until they found themselves in Liverpool one day. Here, they were apparently sited by Johnny Young, Gillians headlining man, but he wasn't the one to bring them into the pro world, instead meeting a correspondent for a local record company. They refused an offer when given, but they were forever marked by the label.


In June, Akira had developed a great longing for Japan. They were not respected in the UK, just being another pop band, but in Japan, even when they sung in English, she thought they would be more popular and respected better. So the band decided to move to Japan, where they instantly became successful. It was a style little explored in Japan, and it had a distinctive similarity to Japanese English singers Cibo Matto. They soon released their debut single, No Escape, and were signed up by Failure To Launch. They released their second single, Leader of the Fallen Ones. They went on a mini hiatus for a while before releasing their first album, My Legs, Your Brain and touring with A Static Theory through the USA. During the tour they recorded Anywhere, Anytime, Leading Those in a Rhyme, their third single, a great, up-tempo hyper single from the album with one old B-Side and a new B-Side, Tropic Thunder. The band, finishing the A Static Theory tour, released Pesticide, a so-called sneak preview of their upcoming album, called Creating the Anarchy. After a short while, Creating the Anarchy was released. It topped at #3 in Asia and #1 in the UK, their first number one and their best charting ever. They were incredibly proud of it. The next week, Make & Burn hit #6 in the UK. Anarchy Dehors du Royaume-Uni was released shortly afterwards, charting at #5.



Year Title Type High Chart
2008 No Escape Studio 166
2008 Leader of the Fallen Ones Studio 106
2008 Anywhere, Anytime, Leading Those in a Rhyme Studio 45
2008 Pesticide Studio 21
2008 Make & Burn Studio 6
2008 Anarchy Dehors du Royaume-Uni Studio 5


Year Title Type High Chart
2008 My Legs, Your Brain Studio 67
2008 Creating the Anarchy Studio 1

Forever in Jeopardy (edit)
Singles: No Escape | Leader of the Fallen Ones | Anywhere, Anytime, Leading Those in a Rhyme | Pesiticide | Make & Burn | Anarchy Dehors du Royaume-Uni
Studio Albums: My Legs, Your Brain | Creating the Anarchy
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