Krakow, Poland
Years active
Witek Kowalski - Drums
Marek - Guitar/back vocals
Martin - Guitar
Fiend - Vocals
Patryk - Keyboard
Jeff - Bass
Former members

Forsaken is a doom metal band from Krakow,Poland.


Marek and Martin were friends from childhood. They both went to study psychology in Krakows University, thats were they met the rest of the members and the band was formed. After almost a year they released their demo No Colour which had a kind of sludge sound with some black metal elements. Later the band released it's second demo Graveyard Slut by which they gained a record deal with Negative Records.

In 2004 the band released their debut album Murder Days. Agressive suicide rock driven sound with black metal elements that have remained until present day. This album gained the band some good reviews and some fanbase in Europe. After a year My Night's Last Destination was released. The sound evolved to Atmospheric doom with black metal elements that makes their sound quite unique. The band then for their first time started touring outside their country with such bands like My Dark Desires,The Crazy Satsumas and Zyklon.

In 2007 the band released their third studio album The Fatal Journey continueing their way from the last album with a more "thicker" sound, with lots more layers creating a whole soundscape of melody and destruction. In March 2008 the band released another album Materialism. Which brought them some small commercial success mostly in the UK and some radio airplay on rock stations. To promote the album the band performed in a few festivals including Hellfire Open-Air Festival, Rock The Boat festival. Although the album wasn't very commercially sucessfull but got some very positive reviews from western metal zines. In July Elonim left the band due to as he stated personal reasons. His position was quickly filled in with former hardcore band Utopia bassist Jeff. May 2008 was when the band released their lattest to date single Fiction. Which features 2 new songs and a live version of "Of you". The single was released in a very limited number and available only through the bands official website. Currently the band is unsigned due to the end of their former label Negative Records


The band started off as a typical sludge act with No Colour. Their second demo Graveyard Slut showed more interesting song structures and very visible black metal influences. The band changed unrecognisably with their debut album Murder Days which featured a lot more lighter depressive rock sound, more concentrated on melody and it also showed what would emerge in a few years. My Night's Last Destination and The Fatal Journey were the results. The band returned to a more heavier sound but still highly concentrated on melody and atmosphere. On the other hand their latest album Materialism shows something new. Such elements as dark ambient, acoustic guitar, clean vocals have started to appear in Forsaken's music. Guitarist Marek comments about the album: "Most of the songs are slow and peaceful with an uplifting mood and sudden explosions of tortured vocals and powerful riffs"



Studio Albums

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