Four Man Band

Four Man Band Consist of four members. Quinton Jackson, King B, Brandon Linkletter and Tommy Doz. Four Man Band has pur out six albums. Their debut album was titled All I have, There follow up album was titled The Best Break up Album ever. Each member wrote songs about each of their heartaches and breakups. Both albums failed to go gold. But they later striked gold when the group released their third album 4MB3. The album was certified gold and certified platinum in the U.K. The Groups next album would soon go platinum selling over a million copies. The group quickly followed up with Their next album Game Over wich alson went plantinum. Their next album shot up on the charts and peaked at Number 7 on the U.K Charts and Number 10 on the U.S.

Four Man Band was signed withe Eventual Records but later moved on to Spice Records (a record label formed by pop sensations GirlSpice). Quinton Jackson later ended up co owning Eventual Records and the group removed to Eventual but later left becuase of a small falling out with Lino.They currently stay with Spice Records.

Album Title Total The Music Sessions 2,865,670 Game Over 1,487,359 A Little More Personal 1,292,503 4MB3 (Four Man Band 3) 588,932 The best break-up album ever! 299,357 All I HAVE