Giorgio Lorenzo Vincente Galfore (12/23/1977, Rome, Italy) is the lead vocalist for metal band Transferium Project. He can sing clean, but also grunts.


The only thing that is known about Giorgio's youth is that he was born in Rome. His father left and he was raised by his mother and abusive step-father. His mother was religious so he wasn't allowed to listen metal. This made his love for it even stronger. An older friend of him told him he had a good screaming voice an gave him lessons. Giorgio moved out of his parents house at age seventeen and immediately started to hitchhike around Europe. He even landed in Sweden, where he met a young drummer named Anders and they decided to keep in touch. When he came to London, he saw an advertisement from a band who were looking for a singer. He was the only one to audition, so their decision was made quickly.
Giorgio galfore

When they lost their drummer, Giorgio called his old friend Anders to do an audition for them. During the tour for Promises For A Dead Union, he snapped a muscle in his neck. the band had to cancel the tour because they couldn't find a good replacement.
In October, he announced Transferium Project was put on hold and that we was going to do a solo album, backed up by his backing band.
Recently, the band released a single to the memory of fAthOm member Sean. It was recorded with Transferium Project guitarist Freddy Carlsson.


With Transferium ProjectEdit



  • Giorgio is married to his second wife, Lisa. They have a son together, Vinnie.
  • Giorgio's favorite band is Iron Maiden
  • He is the only member of the band who is not capable of playing an instrument.
  • He collects Transformers.
  • He writes most of the lyrics.

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