Background information
Origin London, United Kingdom
Genre(s) Electro-pop, synth-pop, pop rock
Years active 2007 - present
Label(s) Chaos Records (2011 - present)
Website URL [1]
Nadia Berry
Sophia Stellar
Kimberly Gold
Chantal Hayes
Former members
Nicole Attwood
Amelie Downer
Paris Wright
May Hardtime
Shanessa Roberts

GirlSpice are a four-piece pop group who formed in July 2007, since their arrival onto the music scene, the girls have achieved worldwide success and have released eight studio albums. They have achieved twenty seven top fourty singles and have become recognised as an iconic group in pop music. Their latest album Night Rider became their most successful to date, peaking at number one, all three of the albums singles have become huge hit singles for the group. They are currently on their Night Rider World Tour in support of the record.


Won - 19th IMAs/Birdies - Best Single - "Goodbye"
Nominated - 19th IMAs/Birdies - Best Live Act
Nominated - 19th IMAs/Birdies - Best Gig/Tour/Festival - "One Last Goodbye"
Won - 18th IMAs/Birdies - Best Live Act
Nominated - 18th IMAs/Birdies - Best Gig/Tour/Festival - "One Last Goodbye"
Nominated - 17th IMAs/Birdies - Best Band
Nominated - 17th IMAs/Birdies - Best Album - "Spice It Up! - The Greatest Hits"
Won - 17th IMAs/Birdies - Best Live Act
Nominated - 17th IMAs/Birdies - Best Gig/Tour/Festival - "One Last Goodbye"
Nominated - 16th IMAs/Birdies - Best British Artist
Won - 16th IMAs/Birdies - Best Live Act
Nominated - 16th IMAs/Birdies - Best Gig/Tour/Festival - "One Last Goodbye"
#1 - 2009's Hot Topic End of The Year Awards - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist & Bands
Won - Hot Topic Critics Awards 3 - Best Gig/Tour/Festival - "One Last Goodbye"
Won - Hot Topic Critics Award 3 - Best Dressed
60 million records sold worldwide.
Tours include the Drama on the Dancefloor Tour, Disturbia World Tour, One Last Goodbye Tour and their most recent Night Rider Tour, all becoming one of the most successful pop tours in their years.
Successful TV show "Ghosthunting with GirlSpice" saw the girls exploring haunted location with Yvette Fielding and special guests.
Debut fragrance "Lust" became one of the best selling celebrity fragrances of Christmas 2009.
Released 8 studio albums and over 30 singles.


- GirlSpice's first record deal was with Eventual Records back in summer of 2007.
- GirlSpice have possibly had the most record deals for a pop group, being signed to 9 labels in their time. Labels include Eventual Records, Midnight/Mythic Records, Talent Radar Entertainment, Failure to Launch Records, Urban Kiss Records, Boy Toy Entertainment, Junction Records, Hot Eye Records and their current label, Chaos Records.
- Nadia Berry is the only original member to be in the current line-up.
- GirlSpice have collaborated with artists such as Chops, Birds of Madness, Aerospliff, Thunderwolf, Rebel Uprising, Averex, Aftershock, Gillians, Tisha Jackson, Sexy Star and Stephanie Fierce.

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