GirlSpice - The Debut Album (Goodbye)


September 22nd 2007
Pop, R&B

GirlSpice - The Debut Album (Goodbye) is the debut album from GirlSpice the album was moderately successful in the UK but unfortunately failed to impact in Europe. The goodbye at the end was put there as a memory of the famous stunt pulled by GirlSpice.

Track ListingEdit

1. I Dont Want To Be Lonely
2. If It's The End..
3. Tell Me 'Bout It
4. Hurt Deep
5. Get Over Yourself
6. Trust Me
7. How Could I?
8. We Belong
9. Bang
10. Fatal Attraction (Featuring Aftershock)

Chart PositionsEdit

Region Peak Position Sales Total
UK #49 484,542
Europe #117 442,271
World #487 926,813

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