Girls on Top Tour 2007
Girls on Top Tour
Tour by Yumi Takahashi
Supporting album Girls on Top
Start date June 1, 2007
End date June 23, 2007
Legs 1
Shows 8
Yumi Takahashi tour chronology
- Girls on Top Tour
Black Cherry Tour

Girls on Top Tour is a tour by Japanese J-pop singer Yumi Takahashi, in support of her first studio album Girls on Top, released in April 2007. The tour visited 8 clubs in 8 different cities within Japan. Takahashi performed a total of 8 shows. The tour was released on DVD, packaged with her second studio album Black Cherry as a first press bonus.

Set list Edit

  1. Get Up & Move!!
  2. GET DOWN!
  3. Climax
  4. Uh Uh...
  5. Just Go
  7. The Love Bug
  8. Peach:Lime//Shake
  9. Kiss Me
  10. Communication Break
  12. BUT

Tour Dates Edit

Date City Club
June 1, 2007 Nagoya CANARIA
June 3, 2007 Kyoto WORLD
June 8, 2007 Sendai yankee court
June 9, 2007 Osaka Onzieme
June 15, 2007 Fukuoka Haze
June 16, 2007 Sapporo alife
June 22, 2007 Yokohama BAYSIDE YOKOHAMA
June 23, 2007 Tokyo camelot

Giselle (edit)
Singles: On Another Level | Celebrate (Dance Floor Anthem) | Insomnia | Fashion | Dangerous (feat. Glamazon) | Tribal Drums (Drums 'n' Bass Remix) | Ultraviolet (feat. Chloe) | Mona Lisa | Explicit | Eclipse of the Heart | Arabian Nights | Android | Digital Love (feat. Dominic Brown | Innovation of the Mind | Breaking Point (DJ Cloud Remix
Studio Albums: Ultraviolet | Distorted Perception | Robot Lover
Other Albums: Giselle in the Mix

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