“Glamorous Hunter”
01 - GH
Single by Momo
from the album Momo
B-side Fuel Me
Released July 7, 2008
Format CD
Recorded 2008
Genre J-Pop, Urban, R&B
Label Spice Records
Writer(s) Momo
Producer Momo
Momo singles chronology
- Glamorous Hunter
Alternate cover
01 - GH2
CD + DVD Cover

"Glamorous Hunter" is Momo's debut single under the Spice Records label. The single was released on July 7, 2008, the same day that her self-titled debut album Momo was released. It peaked at number two in Asia and at number 5 in the United States making the single an instant hit in those areas.


Track listingEdit

CD Edit

  1. Glamorous Hunter
  2. Fuel Me
  3. Glamorous Hunter (Diamond Girl Mix)
  4. Glamorous Hunter -Instrumental-
  5. Fuel Me -Instrumental-

DVD Edit

  1. Glamorous Hunter (MUSIC VIDEO)
  2. Glamorous Hunter (MAKING)

Momo (edit) B0998ac5
Singles: Glamorous Hunter | Jealous | DRIVE AWAY | Beauty Complex | memories
Studio Albums: Momo

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