Harry the Bloodhound

[[Image:File:Niteowl3.jpg|200 x 200px]]

Grunge, Nu-Metal, Death Metal
Years Active
Real Name
Harold Dodley
Date of Birth
18th, October 1966
30th, June 2005, Kingston, Jamaica
Wiluna, Australia
Killing Spree 1988-1992 Brandish your knife 1992-1993 Turntables 1993-2000 Wolves of Opal 2000-2005

Harry "Bloodhound" Dodley is a contreversial drummer most noted for his furious drumming style and for being in bands such as Brandish your knife and Wolves of Opal

Personal Life Edit

Harry the Bloodhound was born in Wiluna, Australia 1966 to John Dodley and Gloria Dodley (nee Davison). His parents were rich, for they were both politicians and both earned lots of money between them. John was rich enough for his son to go to Australian Graduate School of Management although Harold didn't like management and so he quit in 1983 and went to Music school Australia and formed band Killing Spree. His big break came in 1992 when he joined Brandish your Knife.

Turntables Edit

After being fired from Brandish your Knife, he then formed Turntables, a Nu-Metal band, with Greg Symons and Alex Churchill. They had many hit albums, including GRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHH! and Death for all. However, the most succesful album they had was undoubtedly We all kill together, which included a duet with the frog chorus, imitating Paul McCartneys "we all stand together" song.

Break up Edit

However in 2000 the band disbanded due to death of Churchill, they didn't want to carry on without his voice.

Wolves of Opal Edit

After breaking up from Turntables, Harry formed a Death metal band who were probaly the band he had the most success with. They had many hit singles like This is Sparta and also many hit albums such as Drown in the Greed. They consisted of Dodley on drums, Jeff Gunstrom on Guitar, Kai Schiffer singing and Ray Nystrom on bass.

Death Edit

When on holiday in Jamaica, tragedy struck as he died mysteriously in the middle of swimming (not from drowning). Many people believe this to be drug related, but scientists say there may be more to it than that.

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