Head Haters In Charge is an multi-national pop group which formed in 2009. The group has so far released their debut single, "Ah Hell Nah". They are currently working on an album while the popularity slowly increases worldwide.

Background Edit

There are eight members in the Head Haters In Charge. All of them come from different countries around the world (which just so happens to all be predominantly English-speaking countries).

Members Edit

These are the members of Head Haters In Charge. There are four males and four females in the group.

  • Ontarion Canadius: Male lead vocalist; co-founder. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Brother of Vancouvera Canadius.
  • Vancouvera Canadius: Female lead vocalist; co-founder. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and raised in Toronto. Sister of Ontarion Canadius.
  • Johanne Durbane-Sowet: Male backup vocalist. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in Durban. One of the few members of the group is only restricted to sing backup vocals only (and the only one forced to do so; another backup vocal-only member, Recifea choose to be in the background only). Often considered the most unpopular member of the group with fans and the often forgotten one.
  • Austin Saxet: Male lead and backup vocalist. From Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • London Engles: Female lead and backup vocalist. From London, England.
  • Sydnee Melbourn-Austral: Female lead and backup vocalist. Born in Melbourne, Australia and raised in Sydney.
  • Paulo Sao de Rio Janier Brailsa: Male lead and backup vocalist; keyboards. The first member of the group who didn't come from a predominantly English-speaking country. Born in Brasilia, Brazil and then raised in Rio de Janiero, RJ, Brazil. The only member of the group who plays an instrument.
  • Recifea Amazones de Lisbonia: Female backup vocalist. The first European-born member of the group and the second who didn't come from a predominantly English-speaking country. Born in Lisbon, Portugal but raised in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. One of the few members who is restricted to backup vocals only (although this was actually her choice while Johanne was forced into doing backup vocals only).


The group's career has just started and remains somewhat uneventful.

Debut singleEdit

The band formed in 2009. In July 2009, they released their debut single, "Ah Hell Nah", where it was only released in Canada. The single failed to chart within the Canadian Hot 100.

Canadian TourEdit

In order to raise awareness about themselves, the group embarked on a tour across Canada, where they played at a variety of small clubs and were also apart of tours that had various acts involved as well. The tour was successful and they eventually grew to popularity.


The group is currently working on their album.

Australian TourEdit

The group is now currently on tour in Australia to raise their popularity there as well. They will also be playing in New Zealand as well.



Year Single US CAN AUS/NZ South America World
2009 "Ah Hell Nah" NR NR

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