Heartbreaks & Outtakes
Heartbreaks Outtakes
Studio album by The Junction
Released July 28th, 2009
Recorded Abbey Road, London
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 42:52
Label Junction Records
Producer Tony Visconti

Heartbreaks & Outtakes is the debut album from The Junction. The album's release date is slated for Tuesday July 28th 2009. They started the album process in January 2009 and finished recording the album on June 14th 2009 and was expected to be released on July 6th but was put back by the bands record company.

Writing and recordingEdit

The Junction recently announced on Chat Show View!, that the album will be a concept album and the story throughout the album will follow the short life of a young girl called Lucy who struggles to find her way in life and ultimately pays the price for trying to find her soulmate. He also spoke about the writing proccess and said that he put absolutely everything into the writing proccess of the album. Armstrong said in a recent interview that he wrote the majority of the songs for the album while going out on walks with his girlfriend, during a two week holiday in the countryside. He also said that before he started writing the songs Lucy Tyrell helped him throw together some idea's for the album's concept, and also said that the character of Lucy in the album is not in any way based on his close friend Lucy Tyrell.

Album information Edit

In an interview with TIME! Magazine Max Armstrong announced the names of each of the songs which will be on the album, They announced a world tour for the album which would start in September 2009 and finish in November 2010, and also announced that they would be playing New York Live For New Years. In it's first day of release Heartbreaks & Outtakes sold 14,021 copies worldwide and reached no 154 in the UK album charts and no 292 worldwide although the album was expected to chart much higher than it did in the first day of release the album did do fairly well in sales.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Media reception to Heartbreaks & Outtakes was generally favourable although the album didn't chart very well it sold a strong amount of copies on it's first day but didn't chart in the top 50 mainly because of the strength of other albums which were released on the same day they were more commercial therefore doing better in the album charts. K-Rock magazine said that because the album took so long to get released people would have lost interest and expectations for a debut album were far too high, and also stated that most bands debut album's don't initially do that well, and that sales will improve once they have 2-3 albums released.

Singles Edit

The first single from the album is called Teenage Heartland which was written by Max Armstrong in October 2008. In a recent interview with R&S magazine he said "This song was written about a place i had seen from my New York Apartment window there was about 20 teens hanging around this small place laughing and having fun and it just seemed like the greatest place anyone could be".

Sing Me The Song Of Life will feature on the soundtrack to Teen Comedy, Youth High. When asked about how the song came to fruition Armstrong said "This song was written in the back room of my apartment, it's sort of a blur it was written a couple of years ago before i met juliette i was lonely, a bit depressed and pretty high, so i can't really explain how i wrote it".

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Max Armstrong.

  1. "Sing Me The Song Of Life" - 4:27
  2. "Born Into Heaven(Raised In Hell)" – 3:26
  3. "Death Of A Loved One" - 3:27
  4. "Overdose On Love" - 6:24
  5. "Teenage Heartland" – 3:40
  6. "Loneliness Is A Four Letter Word" - 4:09
  7. "Home Before Dark" - 3:20
  8. "Trouble On The Outside" - 6:00
  9. "Heartbreaks & Outtakes" - 3:50
  10. "Death Of Lucy" - 5:28
  • Target will release 20 copies of the album a week earlier than anyone else and it will come with a 54 page book about the album's creation and will also feature a free live cd from their debut performance in central park (New York).



Additional MusiciansEdit


Chart HistoryEdit

Chart (2010)[1] Peak
Canadian Albums Chart 292
Europe Albums Chart 292
UK Albums Chart 154
USA Albums Chart 292
Aus & NZ Albums Chart 292
South American Albums Chart 292
Asian Albums Chart 292
U.S. Billboard 200[2] 292

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