Heartbreaks & Outtakes Tour
Heartbreaks Outtakes Tour poster
Tour by The Junction
Dates August 2009 - May 2010

Heartbreaks & Outtakes Tour is the first album tour The Junction will be doing. The tour is set to be over 1 year long taking in gigs from all across the world, the tour starts from September 2009 to November 2010. They have recently announced that the support act right the way throughout the tour will be heavy metal rock band Elvis Deadly and they will also be joined by The Junction's close friends from the 4th Street Band, Lucy Tyrell and Robbie Stimson.


Additional Tour Info Edit

Heartbreaks & Outtakes tour is the preceding tour for their debut album Heartbreaks & Outtakes. The tour was scheduled for 2008 but after delays on the album was pushed back a year so that they can have an album out when the tour begins. on Monday July 27th The Junction decided to prepare for their year long tour by doing some warm up shows in New York and New Jersey. And announced that their would be lots of suprises in the live shows, and that each show will be different from the last. They have included Elvis Deadly and Street Dreams in their tour as opening acts and have also included Lucy Tyrell, Robbie Stimson and Lauren Grogan in their own headlining set.

Friend of the band and member of 4th Street Band and Personal Democracy, Joshua Perry was offered the chance to be a 5th member of the band when they return to the tour on 8th Jan 2010, he accepted the offer and will be a member of the band up until the end of the tour in May.

Stage Bridge

Stage Bridge

Reception & SuccessEdit

As of 12th November the Heartbreaks & Outtakes tour has brung in £20 million and is expected to bring in another £20 million by the end of the tour. The tour has been met with praise and some critics have compared this tour to the rock tours of the 80's. The tour is set to finish in May but may go on longer after some rumours surfaced that the demand is so great that they could decide to extend the tour. The Stage setup of the tour is a pretty basic setup which features a small bridge across the original platform leading to another platform.

Tour DatesEdit

Main article: Heartbreaks & Outtakes Tour 09/10 Dates


All songs performed and written by The Junction except Floods In The Summer which was written by Lucy Tyrell.

  1. "Sing Me The Song Of Life"
  2. "Born Into Heaven (Raised In Hell)"
  3. "Death Of A Loved One"
  4. "Old Dan Tucker"
  5. "The English Rose"
  6. "Overdose On Love"
  7. "Universal Hate"
  8. "On The Edge Of Life"
  9. "Death's Closing In"
  10. "New York City Sunset"
  11. "Teenage Heartland"
  12. "Home Before Dark (with Lucy Tyrell)"
  13. "Floods In The Summer (With Lucy Tyrell)"
  14. "Heartbreaks & Outtakes"
  15. "Death Of Lucy"
  16. "On The Street Of Dreams"
  17. "Sluts In The Ruts"
  18. "This Old Town"

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