Heathen Hell
Black Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore
Years Active
Band Members
Vladimir Czajkowski, Dudley Ming, Reginald Germaine, Jamie Olaf
Former members
Liam Faun, Su Ming
Piteå, Sweden

Heathen Hell is a musical side project by former Brandish your knife frontman Vladimir Czajkowski

Formation Edit

Following the break up of Funk Metal band Brandish Your Knife, Vladimir auditioned many people he thought were "Awesome enough" and put together a band called Heathen Hell.

Blood of Bludgeon Edit

A demo EP called Blood of Bludgeon was made with 6 tracks (including there greatest hit Aasgard Ambush) and was leaked on the internet, resulting in a loss of money. After this, Su Ming left and that meant her brother Dudley Ming could play the lead guitar in the band.

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