Heroes For Hire
Origin Newcastle, Australia
Genre(s) Grunge/Post-Grunge
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) MTN Climber Records
Caleb Ryan, Mikey Stevens, Freddy Carr, Zack Mendel

Heroes for Hire are an Australian Grunge/Post-Grunge band from Newcastle, Australia. They formed in December 2009. They consist of Caleb Ryan (Rhythm Guitar and Lead Singer), Mikey Stevens (Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals), Freddy Carr (Bass) and Zack Mendel (Drums and Backup Vocals) They are currently signed with MTN Climber Records.


Heroes for Hire formed after Caleb Ryan's old band "Step by Step" broke up. After the break up, Caleb rang one of his childhood friend Zack Mendel and asked him if he wanted to start a band. Mendel agreed, but after a couple of practice sessions they both agreed that they needed to add another guitarist and a bass player. So Zack rang up two close friends Freddy Carr and Mikey Stevens and asked if they wanted to join. They agreed and Heroes for Hire was born.


Both Ryan and Mendel claimed that they're favourite band growing up were Nirvana. "Both Mine and Caleb's favourite band growing up was Nirvana, so there was always gonna be an element of grunge in our music. Like, we were both obsessed with everything to do with Nirvana. Everything. Their old bands, their new bands, so like the Foo Fighter's, Scream, Fecal Matter, bands like that. Anything to do with Nirvana. And on the Foo Fighters, after the passing of Kurt Cobain, the Foo's became my favourite band. So now I put in a little bit of like Alternative Rock or whatever in out music. So were a Grunge/Alternative Rock band."


  • Debut Album (TBA)

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