Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Punk Rock
Years active
2006 - present
Lambrecht Hoimevre: Vocals/Bass
Hubert Hoimevre: Guitar
Dietfried Hoimevre: Guitar
Swanhild Hoimevre: Drums
Ex Members
Marceo Hoimevre: Bass (2006)
Most recent album
Most recent single
Working Class

Hoimevre is a Punk band, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, known for their political lyrics and DIY attitude. All band members use the Hoimevre moniker since the band's start in 2006. Hoimevre's debut album Barbarei was released early 2008 and reached the top 10 in Europe.

Early yearsEdit

Hoimevre was formed in 2006 by vocalist Lambrecht Hoimevre and guitarist Hubert Hoimevre, quickly adding bassplayer Marceo Hoimevre to the line-up. After several rehearsals Swanhild Hoimevre became the band's drummer. The four piece band started doing shows in local venues and became well known in the local scene for their energic performance and their songs with anti-capitalist lyrics. At the end of the year they sacked their bassplayer Marceo Hoimevre for eating at a McDonalds restaurant. Dietfried Hoimevre filled in the vacant spot, but switched to guitar within a couple of weeks, with Lambrecht Hoimevre taking over the bass guitar, making him both vocalist and bassplayer. With this line-up the band started touring intensively.


Main Article: Barbarei

The band released their long awaited debut album Barbarei in early 2008. There were a lot of labels wanting to press it, but the band declined every offer, stating that they didn't want to have any capitalist organistation involved in their music. The band recorded fifteen songs for the release, with ten songs making it to the final version. Surprisingly none of the songs were in Dutch or Yiddish, which were frequently used on older songs of the band. Eight tracks were in English, two in German. The band stated that there were Dutch and Yiddish songs recorded and that they would appear as B-sides.

Left Wing StancesEdit

Hoimevre released their debut single, Left Wing Stances, one week before their debut album. The song failed to make it in to the Top 40 in any region, but did make it in to the Top 100. The single's b-sides were Visions Of Anarchy, which also appeared on the Barbarei album, and Gelijkheid (Equality), a previously unreleased song, in the Dutch language.

System UnholyEdit

Four weeks after Left Wing Stances the band released their second Barbarei single. The a-track was System Unholy. It was the first ever Hoimevre single reaching the charts, it reached #27 in the UK and #23 in Europe. The b-sides were The Capitalist, another Barbarei song, and סקווטינג (Squatting), although the title of the latter is in Hebrew, the lyrics are Yiddish.

Working ClassEdit

The third and final Barbarei single was released five weeks after System Unholy. The a-track was Working Class filled up with the previously unreleased tracks Rita and פאראייניגטע שטאטן פון אמעריקע (United States of America). The single debuted at a smashing #2 in the European Top 40, thus the band's first top 10 single.

New albumEdit

As for now, Hoimevre is busy working on it's second album.
The band signed to Corporate Punishment Records which will release it. The band stated that they wanted their opinions being heard by as much people as possible, increasing the chance of a anti-capitalist revolution, and therefore signed to the label.

Band membersEdit

Current membersEdit

Vocals/Bass: Lambrecht Hoimevre (2006-present)
Guitar: Hubert Hoimevre (2006-present)
Guitar: Dietfried Hoimevre (2007-present)
Drums: Swanhild Hoimevre (2006-present)

Ex membersEdit

Bass: Marceo Hoimevre (2006)



Year Title Label UK USA CA AUS/NZ SA AS EU World Sales
2008 Barbarei None #26 #54 #17 #28 #22 #21 #9 #17 still charting


Year Title Album Label UK USA CA AUS/NZ SA AS EU World Sales
2008 Left Wing Stances Barbarei None #48 #79 #59 #41 #53 #58 #103 #49 1,621,374
2008 System Unholy Barbarei None #27 #91 #90 #71 #76 #83 #23 #63 1,645,271
2008 Working Class Barbarei None #39 #69 #73 #60 #66 #69 #2 #49 still charting

External linksEdit

Hoimevre's Rockstar Game Profile

Hoimevre (edit)
Lambrecht Hoimevre | Hubert Hoimevre | Dietfried Hoimevre | Swanhild Hoimevre

Marceo Hoimevre

Studio albums: Barbarei
Singles: Left Wing Stances | System Unholy | Working Class

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