Old Track ListingEdit

1. I'm A Brand New Me, You Will Be Proud(Bobby Zombie,Natalya Banhart)
2. Losing Him Was The Hardest Thing That Could Have Happen(Natalya Banhart)
3. Hold On To The One You Love(Bobby Zombie)
4. I'm Missing You More Then Ever Now(Natalya Banhart)
5. My Life Without You Is Now Useless(Bobby Zombie)
6. Regret Is A Life Killer(Natalya Banhart
7. I Wish I Could Have Told You I Love You Sooner(Bobby Zombie)
8. With One Last Breath, She Called Out My Name(Natalya Banhart)
9. I Won't,I Can't Move On, She Will Always Be Mine(Bobby Zombie)
10. Memories Of Yesterday Will Haunt Me Forever(Bobby Zombie)

News Edit

This album has been put in limbo at the moment, It was never finished. A falling out between Bobby Zombie & Natalya during the making of this album has left this in limbo.


Tracks 1-9 written by Bobby Zombie
Track 10 written by Natalya Banhart
   Natalya Banhart - Vocals 
   Bobby Zombie - Beats,Loops,Protools

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