Information Edit

This is the third album by POPSTAR!, The first by the new lineup. It will feature Programing, Distorted Guitars, Electronic Drums, Beats, & Tons Of Screaming & Vocal Effects.

Track Listing Edit

1. Hollywood Sinner
2. The Hot Fire Burns
3. Machine Fed
4. She Was Robbed
5. Down Depression
6. New York Saint
7. Marilyn Said Die
8. Forgotten Goodbyes
9. Breathing Machine
10.Robot Freakout
11. Loser
12. Her Smile
13. Makes Me Feel Alive
14. Lonely Highway
15. Falling Star
16. Beating Heart
17. Cut Out Of A Magazine

Personal Edit

Bobby Zombie - Drums,Vocals
Paris Suicide-Guitars,Vocals
Katie Zombie- Guitars,Vocals
Dead Zombie- Programing,Beats
Shanessa Homicide- Guitars,Vocals

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