Hollywood Zombie
Origin New York City,NY
Genre(s) Metal,
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Years active 2000 - 2008, 2016-
Label(s) Metamorphosis Records
Associated acts Suicide Party
The Queen, King, Alexi, Mckagan, Capt. Live Wire

Hollywood Zombie Edit

Hollywood Zombie started out as Bang! Bang! Goes The Gun, The style was Hardcore/Emo. But everyone considered them a joke and after a few shitty albums they Disbanded. A few years later Bobby B Who founded the band Decided to get back into the music business so he came up with a name that people would take serious Hollywood Zombie and changed his name to Bobby Zombie. At first it was just him with protools jotting down ideas then came time to hire some members.

Katie Johnson A.K.A. Katie Zombie through a local musicians ad. She was in a local band called "Suicide Angels" As soon as she came and tried out it was an instant match. Soon after dating for a year they got married which that only lasted 6 months. Since then Katie moved on with other bands And Bobby kept going with Hollywood Zombie. But it wasn't the same without Katie. After a two year away they got back together and started dating and making music again. She also switches back from band to band (Suicide Party, POPSTAR!)

Shanessa & Paris Zombie- Well besides Bobby These two are the second longest members, They have been on many albums and side project of Bobby's. They hail from the now disbanded all girl group GirlSpice When they were kicked out, Bobby headed to meet with them, They learned fast from switching from pop - Metal. Now it seems like they will never quit.

Murder Vengeance AKA Murder Suicide - Is the newest member. He was hired by Suicide Party to be the vocalist. And when Suicide Party wasn't doing anything Bobby offered him a chance to be the guitar/vocalist. he also switches back and forth from band to band (Suicide Party,POPSTAR!) Bobby And Him Have Been Friends for a long time.

Declining Edit

It seemed like Hollywood Zombie went through member after member, only Bobby & Katie remained as the only stable members. Each album Featured new members. They kept changing sounds also for each album, going from Metal - POP. It was a disaster. People got bored and the band went downhill. In 2007 in an interview with Rolling Stone bobby said this " We change our sounds so we don't get bored, But we changed them so much that this band isn't even fun anymore" as 2008 approached they released a couple more albums which seemed to take them longer each time to record. Fights and break ups were often and An ex band member said this " It was a fucked band, bobby zombie pissed everyone off" They bounced from record label to record label. If you ask anyone who was in this band with Bobby Zombie how he was, they would tell you the same" He was a fucking douche who wanted everything his way". By the summer of 2008 the band was at it's worst. Signed to a shitty record label with no backing and albums thrown together. They went their separate ways and Hollywood Zombie was dead.

Life After Hollywood Zombie...Toyko POPSTAR! Edit

After Katie left for good, Bobby started working on a side project known as "Tokyo POPSTAR!" it was an attempt at the POP genre. He had a lot of famous Pop stars help him out but nothing came of the project. It only featured him on the "Confessions Of A Love Junkie" Album. and for the second and finalTokyo POPSTAR! album he enlisted the help of ex Girlspice members Shanessa And Paris and they created "Fuck The American Dream" it was the heaviest album that they ever did, it was pulled off the shelves just after 2 days. That led to the breakup of the band, The label fucked them over so that was the end for them. But In 2009 Bobby Got Tokyo POPSTAR! back together and changed the name to POPSTAR!

Suicide Party Edit

One day Bobby got an email from someone named Murder Vengeance. He was the lead singer of a grindcore band called Suicide Party. He had tried everyone and decided to try Bobby since he was a legend. Bobby took a liking to the band and help them record a second record when all the other members left. Paris and Shanessa also joined liking the styles of the band, they released 2 more album before deciding to call it a day. They released "Free Abortions And Sex Changes From Ray Charles" And "Is Dead.... November 12th they announced a new album would be released December 1st. It will be called "Her Fist Felt Like A Kiss" it will be their last album for awhile. Since they are In Hollywood Zombie.

Suicide Edit

Bobby Zombie left a suicide note for everyone in the music business and everyone thought he was dead. The rumor was that he failed at it. and in October Bobby Zombies management conformed that it was true he failed at the suicide and was in the mental hospital.

The New Hollywood Zombie Edit

A couple of weeks ago. The announcement hit that after a few months of being dead Hollywood Zombie was coming back. The new of it pissed some people off. How could he bring this band back. He's just going to fuck it up again. Some people were happy some were Just like whatever. Murder From Suicide Party took this band over. He is now in charge of this and Bobby Zombie. Since Bobby Zombie can't be trusted anymore Hollywood Zombie is also signed to a new record label started by Murder.. Dismembered Corpse Records...

Current News Edit

As of 2017 both original members are back and Johnny Guitar replacing Murder Vengeance as vocalist. New album to be announced.


Current Members Edit

Johnny Guitar - Vocals/Guitars
Bobby ZOMBIE - bass/programming
Katie Guitar - Drums/Vocals


Karma's A Bitch And You Are Karma(2007)
Volume 1: Ode To New York City: The Greatest City In The World!!(2007)
Volume 2: Ode To My Love New York New York, The City That Never Sleeps(2007)
Katie Is A Killer(2008)
Even Babies Love Our Band!!!!(2008)
Hollywood Zombie: Demo's, B-Sides, Unreleased, Outtakes And New Songs(2008)
21st Century Thriller(2008)
Jenna Jameson(2008)
Washed Up(2008)
As The World Goes Round(2008)
I Promise.. I Swear.. I Do.. I Don't(2008)
Heartless Hollywood(2017)

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