Hostile Takeover
Hostile Takeover's current logo
Background information
Origin Orange, CA, USA
Genre(s) Heavy Metal
Years active 2006 - present
Label(s) Pegasus Records
Associated acts Krunk Kings
Jack Daniels
Tyler Isabel
James Beam
Mike Hunt
Seymour Buttz
Former members
Ron Stone
Homer Sexual
I.P. Freely

Hostile Takeover is a Heavy Metal band from Orange, California. The band was formed in 2006 by vocalist Jack Daniels and original lead (later rhythm) guitarist Irving Peter (I.P.) Freely. After launching a local search for musicians, the band was completed with the enlistment of new lead guitarist Homer Sexual, bass player Mike Hunt, and drummer Seymour Buttz.

Evolution Of The BandEdit

In 2007, by the time the band released a single (Hate Anthem) and an album (Fatal Distraction ), Freely would form a thrash metal project entitled Krunk Kings. Freely would eventually leave Hostile Takeover to concentrate on Krunk Kings and be replaced by James Beam right before the band would begin to see success, beginning with the release of their critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Thrashdance.

On August 11, 2008, the band announced the addition of vocalist Ron Stone and lead guitarist Tyler Isabel, respective replacements for Daniels (who left the band due to health concerns) and Sexual (who left due to a dispute with the remaining members of the band.) The band's self-titled album (the first with both Stone and Isabel) saw the beginning of a shift to Doom Metal. Daniels would later rejoin the band in September 2009 due to the departure of Stone, who left due to creative differences.


Jack Daniels - Vocals
Tyler Isabel - Lead Guitar
James Beam - Rhythm Guitar
Mike Hunt - Bass Guitar
Seymour Buttz - Drums

Former MembersEdit

Ron Stone - Vocals
Homer Sexual - Lead Guitar
I.P. Freely - Lead/Rhythm Guitar



All charting positions are from US Billboard 200 album charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Type Debuting Position Peak Position
2007 Fatal Distraction Studio - -
2008 Thrashdance Studio 90 86
2008 The Cover Purple Cover 82 82
2008 Field Of Screams Studio 53 37
2008 Backstabbing To The Future Studio 31 12
2008 Serpent's Eye Studio 48 29
2008 Hostile Takeover Studio 14 6
2008 The Dark Room Studio 21 5
2008 Betrayal Of Mankind Studio 15 12
2009 Terms Of Entrapment Studio 114 114


All charting positions are from US Billboard Hot 100 singles charts unless otherwise noted.

Year Title Debuting Position Peak Position
2007 Hate Anthem - -
2008 Moneymaker - -
2008 United Hate In America 29 8
2009 The Tainted Mind 23 22

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