IV: Orion
Melodic death metal
Pauli Schwartz and Freddy Carlsson

IV: Orion is the fourth full-length album by metal band Transferium Project. This is the first album to contain their new melodic death metal-like style. It is also their best-selling album until now. It also features the first keyboard solo's by Alfredo. There was only one single released, Rain Of Tears.



The album got delayed due to Pauli's Participation in tv show I'm A Rockstar - Get Me Outta Here. He finished fifth and recorded his basslines in no-time as soon he got some sleep.


1. Rain Of Tears (Music: Carlsson, Lyrics: Carlsson, Galfore)
2. Laid To Rest In A Desolated Grave (Music and lyrics:Carlsson)
3. Orion (Music: Galfore, Ivanevska, Lyrics: Svensson)
4. A Wave Of Ignorance: (Music: Carlsson, Galfore, Bandaneros, Lyrics: Galfore, Bandaneros)
5. Love/Hate/Pain (Music and Lyrics: Galfore)
6. Trapped In Your Life (Music: Bandaneros, Lyrics: Carlsson)
7. When Feelings Are Ignored (Music and Lyrics: Carlsson, Galfore)
8. Ripped From Reality (Music: Galfore, Lyrics: Galfore, Schwartz)
9. Torn Apart (Music and Lyrics: Schwartz)
10. Sealed Into Eternity By The Flame Of Justice (Music And Lyrics: Transferium Project)


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