Information Edit

  • This is the first album in almost a year, The first single is " The Fate Of The World Is In The Hands Of A 3 year Old"

The Album Is Due October 1st

Katie Zombie - Vocals/Guitar
Bobby Zombie - Guitar
Paris Zombie - Bass
Shanessa Zombie - Drums
Murder Suicide - Guitar/Vocals

Track Listing Edit

  • 1. I Am Woman(Hear Me Bitch)
  • 2. Smokers Cough
  • 3. She Left Me For Tennessee
  • 4. Shot Straight To Hell
  • 5. Misery Motherfucker
  • 6. Sunset Comatose
  • 7.Fag Hag
  • 8. The Fate Of The World Is In The Hands of A 3 Year Old
  • 9. California Car Crash
  • 10. Your pretty When You Fuck me

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