I Murdered The Drama Queen
Origin New York City,NY
Genre(s) Death Metal,
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Years active 2008-
Lily Death, Marilyn Gunn, Emily Blue, Kristen 13, Natalie Lobotomy

The Beginning Edit

I Murdered The Drama Queen is an all female Death Metal band who started out in the winter of 2008. They have only played a handful of shows and recorded 4 demos. They have a sound no other band has, They are heavy & mix it with other music genres. They are unsigned and have many local fans. They would love to get signed, make an album & go out on tour.

Members Edit

Lily Death - Vocals

Marilyn Gunn - Guitar

Emily Blue - Drums

Kristen 13 - Bass

Natalie Lobotomy - Keys/Programming/Vocals

Releases Edit

Whore Sex E.P. - (Self Released)

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