Hollywood Zombie, Katie Price, Natalya Banhart,& Miyuki Morikawa Will be on all dates while Elle Fame & Jessie Pro will be on select dates Starting in New York And Ending In Denver
Tour Poster

Hollywood Zombie Set ListEdit

Times Square Romance
New York, New York(Frank Sinatra)
World Trade Center
Katie Is A Killer
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Here Kitty Kitty!
21st Century Thriller
Burn Beautiful
She's Not Breathing
November Rain(Guns N Roses)
I Kissed A Girl( Katy Perry Cover)
It's So Cute When A Drunk Girl Says My Name
Ashley's Song
I was the slave you always wanted With (Natalya Banhart)
I Promise.. I Swear.. I Do.. Fuck You With (Natalya Banhart)
The Man Who Sold The World(David Bowie)
Mia Rose

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