If You Ask 2010 Tour
2010 tour
Tour by 4th Street Band
Dates August 2010 - November 2010

If You Ask is the 2010 tour from 4th Street Band. It's the first major tour the band have embarked upon, and their previous tours have never involved the kind of venue's that they'll be playing during this tour. It has been reported that the tour will expand beyond just the USA dates and it's thought that this tour could become a world tour which may finish in 2011 or 2012. The band will be supported by Thunder Road during the USA gigs.


  1. A Kiss To Build A Dream Upon
  2. Look Into The Past
  3. It's Better This Way
  4. I'm Going All Out (For Your Love)
  5. Destiny Is Calling Me
  6. 4 Shot's & An Icon's Gone (By The Junction)
  7. People On The Streets (By The Junction)
  8. Teenage Heartland (By The Junction)
  9. Look Around Son, This Is Yours
  10. Hallelujah Is A Word I Won't Use
  1. Dream Of American Dreams
  2. Enjoy Your Life

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