Illeagal Music : Volume 2
August, 2008
Indie-po, Electronica, Ethereal Pop

Illeagal Music : Volume 2 is the 10th studio (13th overall) album by Aftershock. It wil be released in August 2008.

The majority of the tracks were recorded between mid February 2008 and early June 08 whilst they were focusing on their B-Sides + collection. The album was recorded as part of a scheme Aftershock had to write enough material for 3 albums. They recorded 3 differing styles of tracks. They recorded Bjorkesque tracks for an album entitled Emotional Landscapes, Club disco-pop for Passive Sensations and hardcore electro for Illeagal Music : Volume 2. For Illeagal Music : Volume 2 the band pooled over forty songs for Illeagl Music : Volume 2 recording process. The first songs recorded for the album were the as yet unreleased Friday, Dreaming Of Another Time and the released album track Damage Control. For the album each band member wrote a solo piece after band member Richard wrote Feels Like Forever. Becca wrote the single How Do You Describe A Feeling? Dan wrote Twisted Hurting, Alex wrote Explosion and Rob wrote Higher. During the album's creation the band collaborated with Girlspice and Yumi Takahashi. They collaborated with Girlspice on the forthcoming single Sexual Gold. Yumi Takahashi came into the process to work on three tracks - Footsteps In The Dark, Miracle Of Miracles and Keep Your Mouth Shut. The album also sees the inclusion of a song which they found on a music producers Myspace page. The song enntitled Mouth To Mouth was an instant favourite with the band during the inital recording sessions.

At the eleventh hour planned single City Lights and Made For Love were cut from the album's tracklisting in favour of Revolution and Make You Stay.

Track listingEdit

All tracks were written by Dan Ward, Becca Hayworth, Alex Hughes and Karl Johnson. Except where noted.

  1. "How Do You Describe A Feeling?" (3:32) (Hayworth)
  2. "Mouth To Mouth" (4:32) (Masterson/Ronald)
  3. "Revolution" (4:46)
  4. "Broken Pormises" (4:20)
  5. "Damage Control" (5:14)
  6. "Sexual Gold" (feat. Girlspice) (3:40)
  7. "Feels Like Forever" (4:45) (Gray)
  8. "Make You Stay" (4:28)
  9. "You Never Know" (3:46)
  10. "Footsteps In The Dark" (feat. Yumi Takahashi) (4:16) (Ward/Hayworth/Hughes/Johnson/Tenant/Lowe))

-- Bonus Tracks --

  1. I Could Never Belong To You (USA and Aus & NZ)
  2. Love Attack (UK and Aus & NZ) - 4:34
  3. It's Not Worth It (Asia and USA) - 4:29
  4. Speak Up (Asia and South America) - 2:59
  5. Nothing Ever Changes (UK, South America & Europe) - 5:10


  1. You Never Know
  2. Mouth To Mouth
  3. How Do You Describe A Feeling?
  4. Sexual Gold (feat Girlspice)
  5. Broken Promises
  6. Footsteps In The Dark (feat Yumi Takahashi)

Unreleased TracksEdit

The following are songs which were written and recorded for inclusion on Illeagal Music : Volume 2 but failed to make it onto the album or onto singles as b-sides for varying reasons.

  1. Friday
  2. Dreaming Of Another Time
  3. Footsteps In The Dark [Original Demo]
  4. Do You Want It?
  5. For Your Own Good
  6. Miracle Of Miracles (feat. Yumi Takahashi)
  7. No End In Sight (Original Demo)
  8. Burning Up
  9. Energized
  10. Delusional (Original Demo)
  11. Pleasure & Pain
  12. Don't Let It Go To Your Head Boy (Original Demo)
  13. The Way That You Move
  14. Rhythm
  15. Rush Of Desire (Original Demo)
  16. Did I Hear My Name? (feat Girlspice) (Original Demo)
  17. Feels Like Forever (Original Demo 1)
  18. Feels Like Forever (Original Demo 2)
  19. Tell Me
  20. What Can I Say?
  21. You Know Why
  22. City Lights (Cut from original album tracklisting)(3:22)
  23. Made For Love (Cut from original album tracklisting)(3:28)
  24. Make You Believe
  25. Nothing For You
  26. Into The Unknown
  27. Take Me (Make Me)
  28. Eyesight
  29. Don't Waste My Time (Original Demo)

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