Infexxion are a metal band from Missouri. They are known to combine several elements spanning many different genres, creating a truly unique sound. Their debut album, "Missing Piece Of The Puzzle" featured mostly metal music, but had obvious elements and influences from punk, rock, nu metal, rap rock, and hard rock. Their genre-busting style is considered their trademark, and they have stated their sophomore album will retain the many elements that made their first album unique. Infexxion is made up of Johnny Deck on vocals, Christian Walling on guitar, Jasper Fade on bass, and Leon Deck on drums.

Infexxion's Backdrop/logo

History Edit

Infexxion started as a small jam-together band. Nobody took the band seriously, and most of the time they restricted themselves to basic insturment study and bad covers of classic metal. However, one night at a local club, Johnny Deck was told he had talent from a local band who were in need of a singer. Johnny didn't accept the invite into their band, but instead chose to stay with the guys he was jamming with, and started Infexxion.

In late June and early July,a website was registered, and the band started a blog, mostly updated by drummer Leon Deck. Leon made several posts, mentioning what the band was up to. Recently, the band have released their debut album, Missing Piece Of The Puzzle, which, while didn't fair too well with critics, managed to get the word out. However, a follow-up tour in support of the album was cancelled due to Jasper Fade breaking his leg. Instead, the band took up work on the follow up album, which remains nameless, but a single is said to be released sometime soon.

Discography Edit

Infexxion Discography
Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

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