Infinite are an alternative rock band from Teignmouth. Since it's beginning, the band has been comprised of Eric Quillington (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Piano), Matt Roberts (Bass, Backup Vocals), and Greg Oldson (Drums, Percussion). The band has a strong fanbase, and is gaining a reputation for it's energetic live shows. The band is signed to the independant label Quantum Leap, and are expected to release their debut album around April-May 2010.

Formation (2008-2010)Edit

The band that would one day become Infinite had a less-than-stellar start. When the three were 16, they attended the party, although none of them were friends or went together. In Greg's words, "It was probably the craziest night of my life, but I can't really remember it, because of the ruffies. But, apparently, the host's brother was in a band, so there were all these instruments just lying around. Eric, completely out of his mind, picked up a guitar and just blasted it. Matt picked up a bass guitar and just played the first thing that came to mind. From the recording someone made of them, it sounded really good for two drunks. About a month later, I was trying to get a band together, and one of my friends showed me the video of them playing, and that was it. If they were that good drunk, I couldn't even imagine what they'd be like sober." After several jam sessions together, the band Infinite was formed.

The band went through quite alot of hardship in their early days. At first, Greg wanted to be the pianoist for the band, but gave it up when he found out that Eric could play it better than he could. After a bitter arguement, Greg picked up the drums (because Eric lied and said he couldn't play them). In addition, the band was completely unsure of what musical style they wanted to play. Eric was into alternative and electronic bands, whereas Greg was interested in indie, and the two completely ignored what Matt had to say. Eventually, they created their own unique type of music that blended their favorites together. The band then spent the next two years practicing and defining their own sound, even though they were still largely a cover band when seen in public, because they were too embarrassed and self-conscious to show off their own material. In 2009, the band finished high school and decided to take the band more seriously

Rising Popularity (2010)Edit

Band Name Infinite
Current Members Eric Quillington- Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Piano, Keyboards Matt Roberts- Bassist, Backup Vocals

Greg Oldson- Drums, Percussion, Keyboards

Origin Teignmouth, England
Genre(s) Alternative Rock, Electronic, Experimental
Years Active 2008 - Present
Label Quantum Leap

The band began to play their own material live and quickly developed a strong fanbase. In early February 2010, Infinite entered a battle of the bands contest against bands who had been performing live for years. Half an hour after Infinite played a setlist of 2 cover songs (Map of the Problematique and Idioteque) and 3 original songs (Shades of Grey, Ninth Layer, and Silver Eye), the dumbstruck band was declared the winner. The band then had their first interview, where they expressed just how amazed they were at winning. Shortly afterwards, an A & R man from the independent record company, who was in the crowd, invited them to join the record company Quantum Leap. The three band members all consider it the greatest night of their lives. Currently, the band is performing shows at several locations and starting material on their new album, at this point called Nebula. When asked why they chose this named, Eric said, "Nebula's are the beginning of a star... a powerful thing. And, that's sort of a metaphor for us, you know? We hope this album is the beginning of something special."

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