Jack Fate
Bob dylan1a

Jack Fate

Birth Name
Jackson M. Riley
October 17, 1988
Chicago IL
Years Active
Singer/Songwriter/Poet/Peace activist/author
Also known as
Jackie, J.

Jack Fate' is an American folk singer who debuted his first single in 2008, entitled Ballad of JFK. Fate has slowly become the poster boy for peace, he has been dubbed by the media as The Voice of The Generation. He has headlined many high profiled peace rallies, music festivals and even song at the 2008 Presidential Rally in Chicago. He is currently touring across the west coast and the heartlands of North America.

Early LifeEdit

Jackson Riley was born in Chicago in 1988. He born to a poor family and was mostly raised by his older sister Brooke. When Riley was Eight years old he was given a guitar for his birthday, thus started his passion for music. By the time Jackson was thirteen, he had already recorded many songs for his family and friends on a cheap hand held tape recorder.

In grade school Riley joined a band called The Kids. They played at their schools talent show but soon parted ways because of high school. It is rumored that footage was taken from Jackson's friend but the footage has remained just a rumor.

Rambling YearsEdit

2003-2007 When Jack turned eighteen he dropped out of high school, said goodbye to his family and friends, picked up his guitar and hitched hike across the United States. When Jack arrived at North Dakota he dropped his last name Riley, and exchanged it with Fate. Jack got a time slot for local bars and cafes, he performed for over six months until he left North Dakota. While jumping and playing from state to state Jack feverishly wrote countless protest songs and other power songs. It wasn't until Jack reached Mississippi when he started to get recognized as a powerful musician with something to say.

Protest and PeaceEdit

"2007-current In Mississippi Jack was found by Dante Teathers a small time music producer. Teather's was organizing a peace rally and asked Fate if he would like to join, he did. Fate performed at the South Mississippi Peace Festival in late 2007 in front of 10,000 people. After his performance the crowd went wild with cheers of excitement and eventually calling him out a second time. The local media and eventually the national media dubbed him as The Voice of the Generation, "Poster boy of peace".

With his name out, Jack headed countless festivals including, "California Gay Rights March", "New Mexico Peace Rally", "Colorado Loves Peace", "New Port Music Festival", "New York: Green Festival" and countless other rallies. Jack has performed for little or no money, the 95% of the ticket sales goes to the cause of the festival. Jack has only been interviewed once because of his distaste of the media. In the interview he was asked "how he was helping to stop the war", he reportedly said " I'm not".

Jack has been touring for over two years straight and has not released an album yet. He has just recently released his first single "Ballad Of JFK". When asked why he says "I have hundreds of songs I want to record but I am not worry about that, I'm happy touring and performing for the cause of peace, not for the cause of an album. Don't get me wrong I'll record soon but it ain't time yet."

The time was right; in early November of 2008 Jack Fate recorded and released his debut self titled album " JACK FATE ". The album featured many powerful thought provoking songs that are written with such poetic adroitness that is is often called " Poetry Music."

Never Ending USA TourEdit

Jack has been touring and performing for over two years straight. The media has dubbed his campaign the "Never Ending USA Tour". His latest concert is at the "Dakotas Peace Festival" in which he will be headlining.

Jack Fate announced his first official album promoted concert in November of 2008. The concert is cleverly called " JACK FATE: KEEP IT SIMPLE ".



  • 2008:Ballad of JFK
  • 2008: Armed America


  • 2008:JACK FATE


  • 2007: New Port Music Festival Live
  • 2007: Obama For President Live
  • 2008: Jack Fate live at The Mercury

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