Jellyfish Productions
Jellyfish Productions
Type International Private company
Genre Various music-related businesses
Founded 2008
Founder Peter Young
Headquarters Liverpool, UK
Area served Worldwide
Key people Peter Young - CEO
Sev Young - Assistant Executive Officer
Karen Young - Assistant Executive Officer
Johnny Young - Assistant Executive Officer
Marcos Paulo - Head of Production
Maria Paulo - Public Relations Officer
Industry Music industry
Products CDs, DVDs
Subsidiaries Jellyfish Records, Cruz-Bikki Management, Squid Entertainment, MW TV

Jellyfish Productions is a multi-national cooperation that, as put by many famous musicians, "owns half the music world". Jellyfish owns, or is affiliated with, nearly ever company today, including PSYCH! Records and Rekordfirma van Mouschi. They own the famous record label Jellyfish Records and "the world's best management group" Cruz-Bikki Management. They grow bigger everyday and recently released another range of companies under Squid Entertainment, owned by Karen Young.


Jellyfish Productions evolved out of Jellyfish Records, buying CBM and releasing a range of studios. It wanted to become big, being one of the first multi-purpose companies. They bought Alpha Omega Records, possibly the best and most famous record label because of its ideals, grabbing a list of world famous artists and adding more to it. This made them affiliated with fAthOm, giving them a good friendship which lead to the sisterhood of PSYCH! Records. Jellyfish Records was pretty much the only thing that run, but small business, particularly from Johnny Young and his bands, such as Gillians and Sledge, was coming to Starfish Studios and Tours. Time went on and nothing much happened. The company sued Metamorphosis Records for stealing and artist from Jellyfish Records, Broken Helix, just before they began a huge remodeling of the company. This brought out Squid Entertainment, which included movie-making, studios, magazines, artwork, radio and TV, including the review magazine Erebus.

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