Jersey Streets
Single by Brad Sanderson & The Jersey Group
Released January 24th 2010
Recorded 4th Street Studio's, New York
Genre Rock
Length 11:14
Label Junction Records
Producer Tony Visconti

Jersey Streets is the debut single from Brad Sanderson's debut album Everyday America, It was released on January 24th 2010 and was the first song written for his debut album Everyday America, which he insisted on releasing first as the song means a lot to him coming from New Jersey. The single was only released in the USA and peaked at 44 in the US and 365 worldwide.

Writing & ReleaseEdit

The song was written in late 2008 by Brad Sanderson he said in an interview "I wrote the song in 2008 and I was still around New Jersey a lot of the time and one day I was walking down the street I was brought up in and I had a few decisions to make in my life, I was contemplating a move to New York, A friend had rented an apartment in New York and asked if I wanted to move in. And I was thinking about it and how it would feel to leave the streets I had grown up on behind and I got this overwhelming sense of pride In my neighbourhood and I wrote the song and decided to stay in New Jersey and it worked out great because It was in Jersey when I met Max Armstrong who eventually signed me up". The photo on the single's cover is a photo taken in the street where Brad grew up. The single was released just under a month earlier than planned to coincide with Brad's tour, this led to the release date of the album Everyday America being pushed forward and it is now expected to be released between July to September.


# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Jersey Streets"  Brad Sanderson 5:43
2. "Come Walking With Me"  Brad Sanderson 2:56
3. "Heartland"  Brad Sanderson 4:36


The single is expected to do pretty well for a first single as the two other tracks on the single won't be available anywhere else. The single is only planned to be released in the USA. The single is likely to be promoted quite heavily prior to release and it is expected that the song will be performed live on TV shows by Brad & The Jersey Group and is likely to feature on rotation on the mainstream music TV Channels. The single was released earlier and peaked at 44 in the USA charts because of the early release date, although the chart position was considered poor by expectations Brad said this "The chart position wasn't the important thing we just wanted to release the single early because of the overwhelming demand from our fans". Rolling Stone Magazine was the first to review the single saying "Jersey Streets is a heartfelt story about growing up in New Jersey, it’s heartfelt vocals by Brad Sanderson is the songs main attraction, he plays the piano masterfully and even steps up with a louder rock vocal towards the end of the song culminating in the final note of the piano, which ends this heartfelt recollection perfectly".

Live PerformancesEdit

The song is one of the mainstays of Brad's setlist's. It was played regularly during his gigs in New Jersey in 2009 and is seen as the focal point of his setlists. During a show in New Jersey Brad sang an extended version of the song adding additional lyrics and it therefore lasted eight minutes getting a great reception.

Chart HistoryEdit

Chart (2010)[1] Peak
USA Singles Chart 44
Worldwide Singles Chart 365

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