Johnny Guitar
Background information
Origin Nashville
Genre(s) Rock,Folk,Countryrock
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) Shooting Star Records,Heartbeat Records,SMTOWN
Associated acts The Bastards Hollywood Zombie


Johnny Guitar is an american Country/rock singer. His career started back in 2009 when his Alternative rock, grunge band The Gentlemen went on Hiatus as members focused on solo careers. He decided on the country rock genre mostly because he was bored with everything else. He sat down one day while listening to bob Dylan and wrote his first country song. From there he set up a little studio in his hotel room and recorded the tracks for his first cd. When The other members of The Gentlemen got back together Johnny declined wanting to focus on his new found solo career.

The Bastards Edit

The Bastards are a side project that Johnny started in 2011 when some of his friends got together and started Jamming. The result was country punk. Very heavy stuff. Redneck punk is what the kids referred to the band

Young Man & The Violent Sea Edit

Young Man & The Violent Sea came to him in a dream, he brought the idea to members of his band and they said that it didn't fit the kind of style they played. So as the founding member he put the band on hiatus in 2009 to work on the album.He had alot of help from many people to complete this album. the album has sold over a million records, and many songs have been left over from this session, he hopes to release them one day, the album took a month to write and record due to him wanting a raw sound.

Heroin Edit

Heroin was going to be the next album but it never happened as Johnny overdosed and was sent to rehab. The songs were completed but due to issues with the artists on the album and the record company, the album was never released. To this day it remains to be seen if it will ever be released.

Business Edit

In 2011 he started his own record label Heartbeat Records In 2012 he started his own line of whiskey

Current News Edit

Johnny's website remains inactive due to him being in rehab, but before it was taken down it listed to possible upcoming albums Nashville & Heartbreak Avenue but it was quickly dismissed by his agent. No news has been update since the last album in 2011

Marc Rolan & The Cold Iron Band Edit

Marc Rolan & The Cold Iron Band

Studio Albums Edit

Young Man & The Violent Sea(2010)
The Bastards Of Nashville(2011)
Forbidden Lovers(2014)
The Boss (2017)
Thin White Line(2017)
Story Of The Year(2017)
Tennessee Welcomes You(2017)

EP Edit


Unreleased Edit

Heartbreak Avenue

Singles Edit

Chevy Camaro(April 25th 2010)
I Shot A Man In Nashville(May 1st 2010)
The Ballad Of Ava Rose(May 5th 2010)
Son Of A Bitch(My Best War Remix)/Always Featuring MiSTAR)(April 2011)

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