Johnny Young is a famous English lead guitarist from Liverpool. He plays lead guitar and does lead vocals for the band Gillians and lead guitar and back-up vocals for the supergroup aSTATICtheory. He still lives in his Liverpool apartment with the rest of Gillians. He is also staring in Yumi Takahashi's movie, SUICIDE'S LOVE STORY. He is also co-presenting the RSG Film Festival. He has done no solo work but may do a fret-board tour of the world at some time in his career.

Johnny Young
Birth Name
Johnny Shamus Young
Birth Date
21 July 1984
Birth Place
Liverpool, UK
Lead Guitar & Vocals
Karen Young née Hardman (Mother), Peter Young (Father), Sev Young (Brother)

Early LifeEdit

Johnny was born on the 21st of July, 1984 in Mossley Hill Hospital, a hospital in Mossley Hill, a suburb made famous by The Beatle's hit Penny Lane. He grew up just a few streets away from Penny Lane itself, which may of inspired him to become a rock star. He went to Wavertree C of E Primary School where he met Vic Dunlop, although they weren't great friends and they lost track of each other after primary school. During primary school he learnt guitar and became the best in the school by 4th Grade. On his 9th birthday he got a Gibson SG that he has kept to this day. He went to high school at Liverpool College where he was incredibly popular and he played for several bands at school and in the end started playing with his brother and a couple of other people, but they weren't very good. Eventually only him and Sev were left.

Musical HistoryEdit

The Young OnesEdit

For more information see Gillians#Underground_History
Johnny and Sev couldn't just play together so in late 2004 he spent Christmas at pubs looking for new band members. After one gig Johnny saw 2 members arguing. It ended with the drummer quitting so Johnny asked him if he'd like to join a new band. This drummer was Vic Dunlop, Johnny's childhood friend. From their they became the Young Ones and started playing all over Liverpool and even in London. In 2006 the band kind of split up. But then Johnny found Bob Smith in London. When everyone got back together Bob joined the band and they renamed it Gillians.


For more information see Gillians#Professional History
Gillians very quickly became professional and from there Johnny became extremely successful. Johnny started working with aSTATICtheory and released a single with them. He also released singles with Gillians as well. After Gillians released their first album Johnny invited Mouj the Stooge to the band. Nothing much happened from there except for his announcements to star in Yumi Takahashi's movie SUICIDE'S LOVE STORY, that they would tour with FYI, that he wouldn't be associated with Mouj's movie Red Faces and that he would co-present the RSG Film Festival.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Johnny has punched Sev in the nose so many times that Sev's nose is now deformed
  • Johnny won a Birdie with aSTATICtheory for the "Best Supergroup" at the 12th IMAs/Birdies