Junction Records
Junction Records
Type Independant Record Label
Genre Music Record Label
Founded 2007
Founder Max Armstrong, Lucy Tyrell
Headquarters Manhattan, New York, U.S.A
Industry Music industry
Products CDs, DVDs,


Junction Records was initially formed by Max Armstrong and Lucy Tyrell as a short term record label until they managed to get a big record deal, but after earning enough money to employ some experienced people they managed to keep the record label going and have since signed many unsigned acts. So they decided to just stay contracted to their own record label so that their future is in their own hands. Junction Records have two record studio's called 4th Street Studio's which is one of the highest quality record studio's around. They also have their offices in a joint on building with various different rooms including a Gym and a lounge area. They have announced plans to expand Junction Records in 2012 by having 2 new 4th Street Studio's built in New Jersey and Los Angeles.


Max Armstrong plans to expand Junction Records in 2011 and has said "I want Junction Records to compete with the major labels and I want to prove that you can have success with an small label." In April 2010 Junction Records Merged With Metamorphosis Records. In 2010 Junction Records developed into one of the worlds major record labels and had a bigger roster than they've ever had.

Key PeopleEdit


Former ActsEdit


This is a list of all of the albums released under Junction Records.

Live AlbumsEdit

Studio AlbumsEdit

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