Justin Mitchell

Justin Mitchell

Birth Name
Justin James Mitchell
Birth Date
July 21, 1985
Vocals/Rythmn Guitar
Thrash Metal

Justin Mitchell Is Rythmn Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, and Primary Songwriter for the thrash metal band Powerhouse.

Bio Edit

Born in Detroit on July 29, 1985, Justin grew up with a love of classic rock, influenced by his father. At the age of 8, his mother was diagnosed as mentally unstable after stabbing Jusin's brother John. John was rushed to Detroit City Hospital, but died from blood loss. Justin and his dad lived on the road awhile, with his dad getting a job as a roadie for Metallica. When Justin was 12, before a show on August 4, 1997, Justin's dad was testing the pyrotechnics, they accidentally set off, Justin's dad inhaled the flames, scorching his internal organs and killing him instantly. Through a court order, Justin would spend the rest of his childhood with his dad's parents. Justin got his first guitar, a Dean ML, 3 months after moving in with his grandparents. Justin trained his fingers to moving rapidly by drinking 2 energy drinks before playing, and trying to just hit every note.

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