Kaye Richards (born Kacie Sharon Richards) is the lead guitarist in the indie/grunge band Bassic Rhythm. Aside from guitar, she also performs backup vocals. Richards lives in Seattle, Washington where she was born and attends Washington State University along with bandmate Chad Badzich.

Kaye Richards


Birth Name
Kacie Sharon Richards
Birth Date
24 February 1990
Birth Place
Seattle, Washington
Associated Acts
Punk Rock
Years Active
Notable Instrument(s)
Fender American Stratocaster®
New Finer Eximious Ibanez Guitar 08

Early LifeEdit

Kacie Sharon Richards was born February 24, 1990 at Northwest Hospital in Seattle to Edward and Sarah Richards. Her father is a local folk and blues singer and owns a small music club in Seattle, where her mother also works. Kaye Richards is distantly related to Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

Kaye attended Pinehurst Elementary from kindergarten to 8th grade. Exposed to music at an early age, Kaye listened to bands such as The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Aerosmith. She enjoyed listening to local bands who performed small gigs in her father's club. She began playing guitar at age 12 after receiving a guitar from her uncle as a birthday present. Kaye's mother recalls: "She would practice for hours every day after school, singing along while she strummed away. By the time she was fourteen, she really became quite talented."

Kaye later attended Ballard High School, where she joined the school choir. Kaye was also on the honor roll, graduating with a 4.0. She never dated during high school. Her father recalls, "She devoted herself to the guitar. Music always came first for her. Sometimes boys would call her up, but she was always too busy practicing. I remember on prom night she stayed home, rocking out to The Stones while all her friends were out. Well, at least I never had to worry about the girl."

Musical CareerEdit

Kaye's father Edward Richards owns the music club Final Chord in Seattle and is himself a folk/blues singer. Kaye recalls: "When I was little, daddy always used to sing with me. I always loved it; my dad is the one who first inspired me towards music." Richards frequented Final Chord daily after school. She would do her homework in the club and would stay until closing time if there was a performer that night.

It was in her father's club that Kaye Richards first met bandmate Chad Badzich. On October 10, 2007 Ear-Rat-Tick frontman Zack Melvin met with Richards before a show. He told Richards he wanted to introduce her to a friend. Melvin brought Richards over to where Badzich was sitting, started the two talking, then rushed onstage to start the performance. Kaye discovered that she and Chad shared similar musical tastes, and the two spent the entire performance talking. Badzich told Richards about how his old band Gametogenocide fell apart. After learning that Richards played the guitar, Badzich invited Richards to play with himself and drummer Crash Symbol some time. Kaye was modest about her musical talent, but Badzich insisted that the three would "just be messing around and jamming" so she complied.

Bassic RhythmEdit

Richards began practicing with Badzich and Symbol occasionally in the following weeks in October. The group established a set practice schedule and agreed to hold practice in Kaye's Uncle Nate's basement. Aside from the decided three times-a-week practice, Richards and Badzich often would play together after school in the music room of the college they both attended. The group officially renamed themselves Bassic Rhythm. The group originally acted as a Nirvana cover band, but recently they have begun to work original material into their lineup. Kaye performs lead guitar along with back-up vocals when necessary. The band currently has not accepted any labels or produced any albums, but plans to in the near future.

Musical InfluencesEdit

Among Richards' musical influences are guitarists Keith Richards, Kurt Cobain, George Harrison, Tracii Guns, Joe Perry, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and her father Edward Richards.

Personal LifeEdit

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