Kieran Marks (born 11th July, 1989) is an English singer and song writer from Southend, Essex. He is known for his many different musical projects and work in production of small bands albums, he is also the former owner of record label Suicide Records with Robert Williams (The Verdict Is Vengeance). He is former lead vocalist of The Verdict Is Vengeance, Lights Go Red and Zzzonked, and is currently half of dubstep group Vertumnus, and keyboardist/vocalist of supergroup Mudshovel.

Kieran Marks
Also known as
11th July 1989 (Age 22)
Essex, England
Dubstep, Electronica, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Alternative Rock
Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Synthesizer
Years Active
2007 - Present
Associated Acts
Vertumnus, Mudshovel, The Verdict Is Vengeance, Postscript, Aaron Marks, Reckoner, Zzzonked, Lights Go Red

Early LifeEdit

Kieran Marks was born 11th July 1989 in Southend, Essex, England, his father is a builder, and his mother is hairdresser, he has two brothers, named Eden (born 1985) and Aaron (born 1992). When Kieran was 7 years old his mother and father divorced and he spent large amounts of his time with his mother, only seeing his father once every few months. By the age of 13 he had already began to show signs that he had musical talent, as he was performing in school drama productions and taking lead roles and being given many oppertunites to sing. His teen years were spent getting drunk on the streets with his friends or going to gigs. He spent large amounts of time with Isaac Steen and Matt Norris, who eventually became members of Closed Down Back Home, or the early The Verdict Is Vengeance.

Music CareerEdit

The Verdict Is VengeanceEdit

In 2007, The Verdict Is Vengeance began after a short spell as an alternative rock band, going under the name of Closed Down Back Home, the bands idea changed to suit a metalcore/deathcore style, so extra members were added to the line-up to complete the band. Throughout 2007 the band played at local venues, gaining a repuation for causing energy within the crowd. In 2008 after winning a local battle of the bands event, the band recoreded their first demo which got them attention from many small record labels, the band ignored these as they didnt see the need to get signed at that point in time.

2009 was the bands big break, they began to write for their debut album, and started to tour the UK in support of major bands, and were fast becoming known as the "next big metal band". It was at this point that tensions between Kieran, and bassist Isaac Steen began to show, when the band toured with The Wicker Man across Europe and got signed to MTN Climber Records, Kieran's voice was caused a large amount of damage, and this made the band want to change styles, to stop the damage increasing. After the tour had finished Isaac quit the band and new material was written and the band left MTN Climber Records for Marks/Williams joint owned record-label, Suicide Records. They released Liberation just before the start of 2010 and toured the UK in suport of it.

In 2010, just midway through the recording of an untitled EP, Marks quit the band, stating he didn't feel as if he belonged in the band anymore, and he wanted to try something new, with a new group of people, he then went on to form Zzzonked. The band have since released an Album, and two EP's and are currently recording for their third album.


Zzzonked were formed in March 2010, by Kieran Marks and a handful of friends from the underground music scene to start a new metalcore band. They toured the UK, before even releasing a single song, which has been seen as an odd way to adverstise a band. Once their tour finished, the began to record for their debut album, Crowded Rooms, which was self produced by Marks, before releasing it in July 2010. They have since gone on hiatus as they want to explore different genres to get a good influence of music before starting the writing for their second album. Marks said that "we don't want to release an album that sounds simular to Crowded Rooms, we want to expand on the metal genre, so we're going to take a break as a band, after such a short time and see what we can do, and if we can find any influences".

Lights Go RedEdit

Lights Go Red was the electronica/screamo project of Marks, and included his close friend Alex Leuiso from pop punk band, We Shot The Stars. The band was announced by Leuiso on his Tumblr account in mid-august 2010, which is around the time that the band started to record for their first release, Rising Under The Sun [EP]. After spending around 3 months recording for both the EP and a never released debut album, the EP was released at the end of October from Shooting Star Records. The band continued to work towards their album before taking a break from the recording process to go on Warped Tour, in which they played main stage. It was announced January 18th 2011 from Kieran Marks's blog that the duo had ended Lights Go Red.


Marksii, is the DJ alias of Kieran Marks. Although he is yet to have shown much evidence of his ability in the electronic/dubstep music scene, he has always been known to proudce the electronic beats for his former bands. It appeared as if Marks had dropped the alias once he joined Mudshovel at the start of 2011, however he has since been credited under the name of Marksii on Postscript's debut album Welcome To The World, along with two songs on it. The alias is also used with the new dubstep/electro-house project shared with Lee Sanders (under the alias of Sander5)


Marks' joined Rap-Metal super group Mudshovel along with MattY (lead vocals), Dan Richerds of The Walls (guitars), former member of Mind Harry Thornton (bass), and Bjarne Orgsen (drums), whilst Marks provides synths, keyboards, samples and backing vocals (mainly screams). The group have been signed to Monk On Fire Music, and have since released two singles (It's All Gone and Alone), both which have been released from the bands debut album titled Society Of Rats. The band have been nominated for two awards at the Chaos Awards II, winning Best Artwork, and being nominated for Best Band.

Release discographyEdit

  • TBC [EP/2011?] - Vertumnus
  • Society Of Rats [Album/2011] - Mudshovel
  • Rising Under The Sun (Demo) [EP/2010] - Lights Go Red
  • Crowded Rooms [Album/2010] - Zzzonked
  • Liberation (Album) [Album/2009] - The Verdict Is Vengeance
  • Untitled Demo [EP/2008] - The Verdict Is Vengeance

Remix discographyEdit

Other Work Edit

Since leaving The Verdict Is Vengaence, much of Marks' work has been based around being the producer of band's albums and EP's. He has gained a repuation for his ability to produced a variety of different genres of music, whilst adding his own twist upon the songs.

Producing discographyEdit

  • TBC [EP/2011?] - Vertumnus
  • Getting Out [EP/2011] - Aaron Marks
  • Society Of Rats [Album/2011] - Mudshovel
  • Idols [EP/2011] - The Verdict Is Vengeance
  • Welcome To The World [Album/2011] - Postscript
  • Rising Under The Sun [EP/2010] - Lights Go Red
  • Crowded Rooms [Album/2010] - Zzzonked
  • The Acoustic Sessions: Part 3 [EP/2010] - Reckoner
  • The Acoustic Sessions: Part 2 [EP/2010] - Reckoner
  • The Acoustic Sessions: Part 1 [EP/2010] - Reckoner
  • Invisible [Album/2010] - Reckoner
  • Liberation [Album/2009] - The Verdict Is Vengeance

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